Unifred Unifred 10.04.2024

Doodles Introduces Space Mission Season One Adventure Into Doodleverse

The colourful NFT project Doodles is bringing more utility to its non-fungible community through its latest initiative. In an April 8th announcement, the project’s team launched the Space Mission season one, an experience that blends space travel, non-fungibility, and friendly competition among participants.

Doodles explained that the expedition encompasses a fleet of space explorers travelling miles in space to enter Doodleverse, the project’s animation experience. The project added that these adventurers will likely encounter treasures and mysteries on the way to spice up the narrative. 

The NFT project revealed that the miles covered by “commissioned Space Explorers” will be tracked on the Stoodio. Hence, speed is essential to emerging victorious in the adventure-filled expedition. Addressing this, Doodles introduced daily boosters for space explorers via the Dooplicator. These boosters come in three tiers – very common, common, and rare. Other rarity traits featured on participants’ Doodle NFT will increase the miles coverable daily.

Starting April 10th, the space miles tracker will regularly update to show the adventurous space explorer fleet leading the expedition.

Anyone participating in the adventure will log into the Stoodio, connect their Ethereum-compatible digital wallet holding the Doodle OG collectible to the network, select the NFTs to be sent to space, and click launch.

The latest foray by Doodles shows the project’s commitment to bringing new adventures to its community. In the past, the colourful NFT project has integrated fashion into its ecosystem by partnering with fashion designers like Pharrell Williams and the giant footwear company Crocs. Doodles has also explored in-real-life experiences by collaborating with CAMP, a family-based shop-and-play store. Through these initiatives, the NFT project expanded its geographical reach to new audiences.

With its new initiative, Doodles will likely attract more audiences, especially space lovers and adventure seekers. As the bright and colourful NFT project welcomes everyone to outer space, it beckons to all space explorers: “Report to mission control!”