Upcoming NFT Collections

RFOX VALT Apartments

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

Unlock the Power of AI with RFOX VALT Apartments: A Collection of Customizable, AI-Enabled VR Spaces

Every minted Apartment comes with a free metaverse-ready 3D avatar from our CitiXens collection


AstroChain NFTs

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

Astronomical, 3D animated Astro Token Card NFTs that come with innovative utilities generated from our dApp feature - The AstroFeed!

AstroChain encourages and develops space exploration for retail enthusiasts, bringing...

Dobe Dudes Drop

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

Dobe Dudes is an evolving storyline PFP brand. Backed by WEB2 creative agency with years of experience. We are aiming to be one of the OG projects in Solana by...

Ghosts NFT

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

Ghosts is a 3D-NFT project on the Polygon blockchain; built by an international team working from different countries. What separates Ghosts from other NFT projects is not only it’s incredibly...

Golden Treasures of Choco

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

Golden Treasures of Choco — digital modernism. Aesthetic in each color, line and texture.

3535 Auto-generated NFT 60 Traits FreeMint 7% Royalties Blockchain: Ethereum

About the collection


Shadow Monkey Comics

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

Shadow Monkey Comics - Genesis Edition

The Shadow Monkey Comics are a community funded project continuing to build on the lore of the iconic Shadow Monkey character from the legendary...

Doll's dream

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

Doll Dream is a collection of 105 unique fantasy dolls that look stunning and even surprise you.

Knights Who Say Nah - Samurai Mint

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

The Knights Who Say Nah is a multi-faceted NFT project that strives to democratize access to ancient artifacts and preserve cultural heritage through ambitious preservation and storytelling. They currently...


Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023


They cannot fly, they cannot sing - they’re just staring in one direction like idiots and look good.

Art Work

UBirdz are hand drawn and...


Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

For those who could never behave:

The B O O O O P S project is more than just Non-Fungible Tokens - it's a movement, a celebration of the human...

Evium Resources

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

Evium Resources are natural resources that are required when completing certain quests and building objects in game.

EVIUM is the new age Web 3.0 MMORPG. Collect 154 EVIUM trading cards...

Chapter 1: Light

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

What's the common point between Tolkien, C.S. Lewis... ? They both had the power to access a very peculiar place: the world of imagination. Artists have been building...

The Tateism Club

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

The Tateism Club is an upcoming NFT collection emerged from the most famous man in the world Andrew Tate

5000 pieces based on real-life events and Andrew Tate's quotes


Saplings: Dynamic NFTs Fighting Climate Change

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

We’re living through change so profound.As the earth heats up, we can’t just stand by and watch — the time to act is now. We won't be able to...

Chloe Collector Editions

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 10, 2023

Chauvet has kindly provided these NFTs as a reward to everyone who has bought any of his artworks on Nifty Gateway, including those not related to the moon voyage (like...

Oasis of Art: Drone Photography

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 12, 2023

"Drone Photography" is the sixth series of "Oasis of Art" curation featuring over 50 of the top talents in the #NFTworld

Open Edition drops Feb 8th for 72 hours


Canto a Eliza

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

Collection by Carlos, Ana, Aissa and Riogerz

Welcome to Canto a Eliza, the NFT art collection that commemorates the apparition of the first conversational bot program Eliza created by Joseph...


Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

“Favourite” in Japanese, Sukina is a collection of pieces that represent me, my origin, my journey, and my ethos. A compilation of past and present. Pieces created with a challenge...

Mystery of Galaxy

Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

555 unique artifacts in the Ethereum network connected by the goal of comprehending the mysteries of the galaxy and discovering new horizons of the universe


Feb 08, 2023 – Feb 15, 2023

CryptoCommas is a CC0 project created by @MrRazeth

1st NFT Free & 2nd one for 0.002 ETHSupply : 999