Upcoming NFT Collections

Crypto Conspiracy: NFT Art Chronicles

Jun 17, 2024 – Jun 24, 2024

With the first ever minted Corrupt Judge starts this series of NFT ART Paintings delves into the themes of greed, corruption, and the intricate, often problematic connections among government, judiciary,...

All at Once

Jun 17, 2024 – Jun 24, 2024

Blockchains are clocks. We think of Bitcoin and other blockchains as stores of value, but they cannot store value without first delineating time. An accurate and indisputable record of transactions...

Les lettres que tu n’as jamais lues

Jun 17, 2024 – Jun 24, 2024

In September 2018, I moved to Victor Hugo Street, finding an old house filled with the belongings of Martin, its former tenant. While organizing, I stumbled upon postcards meant for...

Zombie Bird 2

Jun 17, 2024 – Jun 24, 2024

There's a variety of cute and unique zombie birds 2

Azurong - The Yurosako's Dragon

Jun 17, 2024 – Jun 24, 2024

Ohayo gozaimasu, this is “Azurong” the dragon of “Yurosako”. After our 3 successful sold-out collections “OG Masks, Yurosako and Misaki” We're proud to announce you the "Azurong" drop. The trading...


Jun 17, 2024 – Jun 24, 2024

Bring unique Pfp's Alien to show the world. Dodoy using Generative Tools.

Les Cryptos

Jun 17, 2024 – Jun 24, 2024

This project was carried out with the collaboration of the best artificial intelligence artists and the best engineers to mark the history of art. More seriously, this project aims to...


Jun 18, 2024 – Jun 25, 2024

Wanna rule the rug? Navigate the high seas of the dark web? Or just get disgustingly rich by outplaying everyone else? Then, my degen frens, you need a CryptoScamel!


Crap Memes - OpenSea Featured Drop

Jun 19, 2024 – Jul 19, 2024

Crap Memes is a generative art collection, celebrating and gently poking fun at meme coins and PFPs. With...

Laganja Estranja "Hawt"

Jun 20, 2024 – Jun 27, 2024

Laganja Estranja is dropping the heat with her brand new single "Hawt", coming exclusively to Gala Music on June 20th! This marks the kick-off to Gala Music's Hot Gala...


Jun 21, 2024 – Jun 28, 2024

This is a collection of popular skull motifs created using pointillism.

From among the more than 100 works I have created, I have carefully selected works that fully capture the...

Basezillas By Y3000

Jun 21, 2024 – Jun 28, 2024

Basezillas by y3000 is an official participant in:

Onchain summer 2024 and buildathon by devfolio

This event will launch the genesis collection to the y3000 and web3 community. Unleashing 8,888...

Baribes Angel's

Jun 22, 2024 – Jun 29, 2024

Exclusive collection a heavenly assortment of 500 unique digital art pieces, carefully crafted to showcase the beauty and grace of angels. Each Baribes Angel is a one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn masterpiece, featuring...

Sol Bankir DAO

Jun 23, 2024 – Jun 30, 2024

Sol Bankir Dao - 7777 randomly generated and stylistically curated NFTs that exist on the Solana Blockchain. Seeks to restore the golden age of degen mints.

Crypto Coins by Coin Master

Jun 26, 2024 – Jul 03, 2024

In a world where treasures are timeless, few collections rival the universal allure of numismatic gems - coins.


Metamusex - Men

Jun 27, 2024 – Jul 04, 2024

Mint Metamusex - Men the new collection of Metamusex project. Introducing the MetamuseX Family project, an innovative NFT venture where multiple collections interact seamlessly. Originally centered around a female character,...

Web3 Hustle

Jun 28, 2024 – Jul 05, 2024

Web3 Hustle introduces a new dimension to NFT utility. Beyond traditional community aspects, our 3D models offer tangible value. With compatibility across AR and 3D software, they transcend digital limitations.



Jun 28, 2024 – Jul 05, 2024

Shroomunchies is a 10 000 NFT collection accidentally created by Vog, the clumsy warlock cooking one of his many ill-fated magic potions. Well, this one worked, however unexpectedly and now...

Maine Koon Cats

Jun 28, 2024 – Jul 05, 2024

The Maine Koon Meow project features Maine Koon Cat NFTs, a collection of 10,000 unique and exquisite digital assets celebrating the majestic Maine Coon cat breed. Each NFT in this...


Jun 29, 2024 – Jul 06, 2024

Are you ready to embark on a journey where adorable canines strut their stuff in the world of fashion, all while embracing the revolutionary realm of Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs)? Enter Deople,...