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How to support 🇺🇦Ukraine with Crypto

On the night of February 24th, when all Ukrainians were sleeping peacefully in their beds, the vile Russian troops crossed the border of the sovereign country. That night claimed the start of the bloody genocide war against the Ukrainian nation, including children, women, and elderly people, the war, which is still burning throughout the state.

These days, millions of Ukrainians need help, starting from food, meds, and freshwater, to arms and ammunition to confront and survive. You might have already watched the heartbreaking frames of death and devastation throughout Ukraine on the screens of your phones and TVs. This nation urgently needs aid and gets it.

We gathered a list of trusted organizations with a proven track record that accept anonymous cryptocurrency donations so that you can contribute to a brighter future for all of us..

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine in partnership with the biggest decentralized staking provider Everstake and a cryptocurrency exchange FTX developed the official website for crypto donations to support Ukraine. You can contribute to the victory and peace of the Ukrainian nation in a few clicks here.

🪖Help the Army

  1. Come Back Alive
    Come Back Alive іs the biggest organization in the country providing support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine since 2014. All the donated funds are used to cover the real-time needs of Ground Forces, Air Assault Forces, Marines, Special Operations Forces, border guards, territory defense, and other combat units.
  2. Army SOS
    Army SOS іs focused on providing direct targeted assistance to those warriors who defend Ukraine on the very front line. They organize the purchase of necessary items and their centralized delivery or transfer to military units.
  3. Hell Rides
    Hell Rides raises money to purchase new and used vehicles such as SUVs, pickup trucks, and ATVs for the Armed Forces, Territorial Defense units, National Guard, and other military units of the Ukrainian Army.
  4. Any.Cash
    Being a simple digital wallet in Telegram, Any.Cash also joins the initiative of supporting the Ukrainian Army. All the proceeds are transferred for military assistance to the accounts of the NBU.
  5. Democratic Axe
    The Ukrainian right liberal party accepts donations that go to support Territorial Defense Forces and to help the victims.
  6. WhiteBIT
    A licensed cryptocurrency exchange that gets cryptocurrency, converts it into UAH, and transfers it to the Ukrainian Armed Forces Assistance Fund.

🎒Help Refugees and War Victims

  1. Palianytsia
    The Lviv-based organization with 40+ partners helps its compatriot refugees by giving shelter, delivering humanitarian aid to the hot spots, and delivering psychological and legal help to the victims of war.
  2. UkraineDao.eth
    The project uses the power of Web3 technology and the community to raise funds for Ukrainian organizations that are helping refugees and victims of war in Ukraine.
  3. Unchain Fund
    The fund's priority is raising money for medicine, evacuation and repair needs, food, and clothes to help Ukrainian civilians.

💊 Help Hospitals & Medical Aid

  1. Dobrobut Foundation
    The Fund raises money for medications and urgent surgeries for injured soldiers and civilians.
  2. Hospitallers
    Selfless Hospitallers help those injured on the battlefield and under the shelling and deliver them to hospitals for qualified treatment.
  3. Revived Soldiers Ukraine
    A non-profit organization dedicated to delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine and providing medical aid to soldiers.
  4. Razom for Ukraine
    Razom is responding to the Ukrainians` needs by providing critical medical supplies and amplifying the voices of people.

🧸 Help Children

  1. The Voices of Children
    The Fund provides psychological and psychosocial support to children suffering from the full-scale Russian invasion, as well as aid in the evacuation.
  2. #RunForUkraine
    The fund assists the Humanitarian Coordination Center: a volunteer organization helping children, families, and other organizers in Ukraine to provide humanitarian help.
  3. The KSE
    The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), together with Ukrainian businesses and state-owned companies, has launched a humanitarian aid campaign for Ukraine. They help children and families, transport refugees, and more.

❤️‍🩹Humanitarian Aid

  1. EXMO Save Ukraine Relief Fund
    The Fund`s mission is to raise and distribute money exclusively for humanitarian aid to affected civilians.
  2. Any.Cash
    Being listed above as an organization that helps the army, Any.Cash also provides humanitarian help to Ukrainian civilians.
  3. Nova Ukraine
    The team of Nova Ukraine works day and night to deliver humanitarian aid to fellow Ukrainians and assist the fleeing of refugees.
  4. United Help Ukraine
    This charitable organization provides medical aid and humanitarian relief to the people of Ukraine affected by the Russian invasion.

💸 Support Ukraine in Fiat

  1. Help Ukraine via Monobank
    You can donate to the needs of Ukrainian people in the bloodshed war with Russia by transferring money to the Help Ukraine Monobank account.
  2. Dobrodiy Club
    The Dobrodiy club has been helping orphans and families in difficult life circumstances since 2011. Today the charity organization collects money for Ukrainians fleeing hostilities. All these funds go to purchase essential items.
  3. Dobro UA
    Aid to heal baby souls, support the Ukrainian Armed Forces, provide a donation for humanitarian aid. It`s you who chooses where to forward your funds with Dobro UA.

🐕 Help Animals (in Fiat)

  1. IFAW
    IFAW is working with partners in Ukraine to care for animals in shelters, zoos, and sanctuaries.
  2. UAnimals
    UAnimals is a Ukrainian animal rights organization, saving little four-legged buddies from war.
  3. The XII Months Zoo
    Because of the war in Ukraine, the XII Months Zoo has completely run out of funds. make your donation to help the zoo`s wards stand these hard times.