Interview with the Vampire - NFT

Dec 08, 2022 – Dec 15, 2022

Enter a world that is Lustful, Erotic, and Horrifyingly Beautiful

In partnership with AMC, Orange Comet is proud to present this complex world full of vampires , witches, and all...

Hands of venice

Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

Hands of Venice (HOV) is launching to create an NFT talent label for street artists, run by a DAO.  Help us discover the next Banksy’s, Bowie’s, and Basquiat’s!

The collection...

Cavemates Club

Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

One million years ago there was an advanced civilization lived on the earth called them self CaveMates, everyone in modern days thought they went extinct, but hopefully they were not,...

Stix Mansion Party

Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

Welcome to the party. Stix Mansion Party is a collection of 10,000 NFT Characters Launching December 3rd, 2022. 

PRELUDE:Stix Mansion Party is a portrait of the American Society in...


Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

2500 unique pig NFTs randomly generated and stored on the Solana blockchain, it will be the gateway to great rewards.  

Pigxury is the funniest NFT project ever made, based on...

E.t. Of The Blockchain

Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

A private collection of 350 nft´s e.T. Of the blockchain, living in polygon fee gas.

Made by they are made by two guys who are passionate about the world of...

Baby Solana Pandas

Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

5555 baby pandas teething their way through solana and spreading joy amongst communities! Dope art and community vibes is what we aim to deliver with a 0.055 sol mint price...

Crypto pixel builders mint day

Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

We are 10000 crypto Pixel builders on the Solana blockchain. We will be purchasing land in South Lake Tahoe and partnering with contractors to build A frame Cabins. We will...


Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

THE IDEA   SolSquatters is Solana project that aims to gather NFT enthusiasts in a unique community focused on creativity and empowering creators in the Web3 space. By using team...

Parlay Or Bust

Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

What are the perks of owning a Parlay Or Bust NFT

Start Staking your NFTs to claim $MVP 

You will be able to use $MVP for multiple things! 

Play at...

Respawn nft

Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

Taking the power back. 

Respawn starts with a collection of 3500 avatars that grants you access to CLUTCH, a group of mercenaries ready to take the power back...


Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

Ksekai is a collection with 666 unique NFT. It is a community based project and every single character you own as your membership card to the community.

D.w.a - Mint live

Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

Mint Price is. 0.69 SOL and 0.45 SOL with DuckSkull (WL token).
Join our discord.Now, you can get free DuckSkulls by answering the survey.

Love Monsters NFT

Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

The Next Generation in Blockchain Gaming. A collection of 9,999 Love Monsters NFTs that become your in-game avatar. #LoveMonsterNFT #LMT #Avalanche. Each Love Monster grants the owner bonus points...

Pizza Buddies Free Mint

Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

Pizza Buddies is a derivate collection of 2222 NFT by FREEZERVERSE on the Polygon blockchain Its our way of rewarding every NFT lover with deliciousness even in a bear...

Surfing With The Aliens

Dec 03, 2022 – Dec 10, 2022

Surfing With the Alien is a collection of 1000 Aliens randomly selected to see if there is a possibility of coexistence alongside Apes, Doodles and Pixels in the Metaverse!!


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