Azuki Demon - Minting is Live

Jul 22, 2022 – Aug 12, 2022

Minting is Live , Mint Price: 0.035 ETH

6666 Azuki went through a chemical explosion, living underground on the ETH blockchain. Azuki Demons are bigger, more brutal and...

Women Ape Yacht Club

Aug 05, 2022 – Aug 12, 2022

10000 Female Ape Themed  NFT Project | Empowering Women in Web 3.0 | Who could possibly bring sizzle to the dull life of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)



Aug 07, 2022 – Aug 14, 2022

The Crypto Hans Club is a private collection of 7.777 unique hand-drawn Funny Horses NFTs pieces collected on the Ethereum Blockchain. Artist Maya Delia. The collection is updated every week...

Mentally Unstable NFT

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

3000k NFT collection with positive affirmations for mental health awarness in the NFT space.

Avatar Legends x Funko Series 1 Digital Pop Collection

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

The pop-culture items producer Funko and the entertainment giant Paramount Global are entering the exclusive collaboration to bring Nickelodeon's flagship Avatar cartoon universe to the web3. The partnership...


Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

This is MOJO. She’s a curious explorer full of emotions and a magnet to mischief. A cat of a 777 personalities, her can-do attitude will help kids & parents discover...

Agent1- Morphing NFTs- Mint Now

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 31, 2022

Agent1 is a "play-to-earn gaming" NFT, that renders its visuals based on the holders' actions and wallet contents. It "polymorphs and grows" with each trade and transaction. Only a limited...

Mr Beasties NFT

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

Let's get noticed by Beast! Congrats to 100M subs!The entire goal of this is to get Mr Beast to notice us... maybe he puts us in a video?...

Billionaire Duck Club phase 2 mint

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 12, 2022

Phase 2 mint! 1st 1k free in discord only!!

Link on the website!

Staking Live!!

P2e game drops soon!!

Freaky Sharks

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

A private collection of Freaky Sharks (new project)

First inversors project

Prices from 05-08-2022 till 20-08-2022 = 0.01 from Freaky sharks 1-20


04-08-2022: Start creating nft models and collection


CornerBoyz - Custom PFP

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

Each CornerBoyz will work as a pass for: 1 Monthly Mystery Box + access to the CornerBoyz community, an exclusive club in Soho in the Art District in Decentraland +...

Ships Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 14, 2022

PirateVerse is Giving Away 100 NFTs for the first 100 mints. Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

Pirateverse is not just one collection of NFT. We are creating whole new virtual...

Maups NFT on Polygon

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

Minting is Live , Mint Price: 62.0 MATIC

MAUPS is a collection of 777 Pixel-like Apes NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Polygon blockchain.

Each Maup is a unique programmatically...

Space Alberts

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

I started my collection of “Space Alberts” dedicated to the first monkey in space. The goal is to create a 100 unique Albert collection first. If for some miracle people...


Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

CyberKids is a collection of 7,000 NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Сollectors can expect exclusive access to the latest products, merchandise and events through ownership. Ownership gives...

Astromust - Recruit

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

Exclusive 24hr access ‘play to mint’ – register for wl spot.

Astromust – first videogame that combines play and mint 👀 on the app store📢

Astromust is a unique, open...

Celestial Bodies Collection

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

You’re invited to join Celestial Bodies, SeeVooPlay’s genesis collection of custom-commissioned 1/1 NFTs created by celebrated photographer, designer, and digital artist Regina Wamba.

Celestial Bodies represent the connection...

Yakuza Mint

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

Yakuza starts with a collection of 10,000 avatars that give you membership access to The Gang : a corner of the internet where artists, builders, and web3 enthusiasts meet...

Only Winners Reaction

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

12/7 Lab is A Team of Talented 12 designers And 7 web3 devs to build the largest casino resort in Web3.


1- Only winners reaction NFT base access.


Solo Leveling NFT

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

Solo Leveling NFT Collection wich will include Books, Characters and unreleased side stories with special prize's for the first buyer's.

Subway Rats

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

SubwayRats™ are a collection of 10,000 dynamic—NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each rat is unique, and grants you access to members-only benefits allowing you to participate in...

Animated Icon Betty Boop’s NFT

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

Fleischer Studios, Inc., owners of the classic character, leading brand licensing agency Global Icons, LLC, and XLABEL the Web3 brand consultancy have teamed up to launch ‘Boop & Frens,’ an...

Diwa Colombia

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

Diwa Colombia is a warm and simple space in NFT world  dedicated to NFT enthusiasts, art collectors , interior designers ,  where members can learn , educate or having a...

Godly Golems

Aug 09, 2022 – Aug 16, 2022

Godly Golems is a collectible NFT project that includes 120 unique arts. Every digital art have made by A.I.  .Every GodlyGolems lives on the SOLANA blockchain. Extra Raffle 1 person...

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