Unifred Unifred 28.03.2024

Azuki and Arbitrum Join Forces to Create a Blockchain-Powered Anime Network

In a groundbreaking development, the Arbitrum Foundation has joined forces with the renowned NFT project Azuki and Weeb3 Foundation to launch a blockchain-powered anime network dubbed “AnimeChain.”

This initiative aims to transform the anime fan experience by leveraging web3 technology to offer a seamless blend of first-party and third-party anime content, games, merch, and NFTs. While the anime fandom is currently fragmented across various platforms, AnimeChain seeks to address this by creating a unified ecosystem for creators and fans alike.

Ethereum Layer-2 Arbitrum has been tapped as the blockchain solution to power AnimeChain. This decision was due to Arbitrum’s high speed and affordability. 

With optimistic rollups, Arbitrum offers high scalability that can process up to 40,000 TPS while benefiting from Ethereum's security. This makes it a well-suited choice for powering AnimeChain, considering the platform could experience a lot of traffic from fans engaging with content, games, and NFTs. AnimeChain seeks to onboard millions of anime enthusiasts into web3 by leveraging Arbitrum.

Meanwhile, Weeb3 Foundation is the developer and steward of AnimeChain, and Azuki will serve as the first launch partner, helping shape the initial offerings and experiences on AnimeChain. 

As a leading anime-focused NFT project, Azuki will bring its fan base and experience in the Web3 space to the new venture. 

Commenting on the development, Azuki's CEO, Zagabond, said

"We are proud to be the first launch partner on AnimeChain, which will provide an opportunity for a new approach to create and consume anime IP. We are excited to revolutionize the anime fan experience.”

With the global anime market projected to reach $60 billion by 2030, AnimeChain has the potential to impact the industry significantly. Stay tuned!