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Gentleman nft project

Jul 05, 2022 – Jul 12, 2022

The meta gentleman.web3 engagers

 Gentleman is a project built of the community by community. 

Gentleman, is a project built for the community, by the community. The goal of gentleman is...

Strange Ghost

Jul 05, 2022 – Jul 12, 2022

My first collection is coming soon! Hope you like it.

Harshit NFT

Jul 05, 2022 – Jul 12, 2022

Are you ready to fly to the moon with HNC. 

Harshit NFT collection is a making series of 1/1000 items randomly generated and stylistically curated NFTS that exist on the polygon...

Singularity nft

Jul 05, 2022 – Jul 12, 2022

10000 pieces in our collection. SingularityNFT’s have the “Rock-paper-scissors+random” principle, so they can be used for various gaming concepts. We plan to make up to 10 games. The material world...

Fantasy Planets

Jul 05, 2022 – Jul 12, 2022

This collection contains 3600 unique fantasy planets as part of a single edition release.

From our own galaxy or a far away one, each mystical planet and its fellows have...

Collection Nft zodiac

Jul 05, 2022 – Jul 12, 2022

Es un placer presentar «Collection NFT Zodiac«, una colección 12 en 1 acuñada en Polygon. Se podrá acuñar NFT por signo zodiacal.

Gracias a Autominter por su aportación a Web3 y a Gaugan por...


Jul 05, 2022 – Jul 12, 2022

Hidden Deep in the Crypto World

There are marvelous gems of symmetry and beauty. They are the secret building blocks of cryptography and of any possible metaverse. We...

Growth NFT

Jul 06, 2022 – Jul 13, 2022

Growth NFT inspired by the stages and process with humans pass to grow into adults. One if the process includes feeding which is shown on the painting. The painting portrays...

Photographic Scenery

Jul 06, 2022 – Jul 13, 2022

Photographic Scenery is a collection of unique and beautiful artwork. What's more, each scenery unlocks private club membership and additional benefits the longer you hold them. Photographic Scenery holders can...

1st Pixgures Packaging

Jul 07, 2022 – Jul 14, 2022

Cool. Cute. Captivating. PIXgures showcases pixel art of chibis all in one GIF. Each NFT item in this collection is unique in its pose, character design, background, and color palette....

Treebros nft presale

Jul 07, 2022 – Jul 14, 2022

TREEBROS are cute lil pixel dudes that are planted in their colorful pots and each one has a plant or a tree growing out of them. Total of 9999...

Smoking Wolfiez

Jul 07, 2022 – Jul 14, 2022

Smoking wolfiez - is a unique collection a brand for the metaverse. Built by the community

Smoking wolfiez starts with a collection of 6666 items that give you membership: a...

Aronsos Art

Jul 07, 2022 – Jul 14, 2022

We are writing fascinating novel for Galaxy No.731 NFT and we will launch our anime as well in the future. Members enjoy max 30% off on our NFT, join Discord...

DegenMode NFT

Jul 07, 2022 – Jul 14, 2022

Created by a degen.

7777 randomly generated degens with over 150 traits & 10 unique editions. Mint from smart contract.

Get your degen, flex your degen.

NFT Hunter Pass

Jul 07, 2022 – Jul 14, 2022

NFT Hunter is a Project that focuses on mining valuable NFTs and provides users with the trends of various statistical indicators of NFTs.

What we provide:

Statistics of NFT trend...

RoboCloud is a set of 2222

Jul 07, 2022 – Jul 14, 2022

Get some Roboclouds and earn !


Jul 07, 2022 – Jul 14, 2022

Dear investors at https://galeriainstantaneasprismas.com/ we promote art for both adults and children, this collection was created by a child and its objective is to take this collection to the top and donate...

Weird Wackos

Jul 08, 2022 – Jul 15, 2022

Weird Wackos is a collectible NFT PFP project consisting of 9999 abnormal, absurd, amusing, bizarre, clownish, comic, cranky, crazy, eccentric, fantastic, far, freakish, funny, goofy, idiosyncratic, insane, nonsensical, nutty,...

Meet Lina

Jul 09, 2022 – Jul 16, 2022

The Meet Lina collection is from about 197 countries of the world! Lina stands for tender, friendly, gentle and kind, but also means united. A special phenomenon has Lina that...


Jul 09, 2022 – Jul 16, 2022

Gorgeous art meets rarity!

Mythamon is an innovative NFT artwork series taking inspiration from various themes of ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology, with a splash of Japanese anime.