Galaxy of love

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September 01, 2024 – September 08, 2024





NFT Sale Details:
one the finest artwork has ever made my hands, now you can have it as a NFT!
Name: "Galaxy of love"
Total NFTs available: 30
Price: 1500 matic each
Unique attributes: Each NFT comes with a special animated galaxy theme!

Whitelist Information:
If you purchase any NFT from the "Galaxy of love" set during the sale, you will automatically be added to our exclusive whitelist. Being on the whitelist comes with amazing benefits!

New NFT Giveaway:
All members on our whitelist will receive a special piece of the upcoming NFT set! You'll get this NFT for free when it's listed after the current sale ends.

Community Contributors Reward:
We love our active community members who help spread the word about our NFT project! As a token of appreciation, we will randomly select some of our most engaged community contributors, publishers, and advertisers to receive a piece of the upcoming NFT set too!

How to Participate:
Purchase any "Galaxy of love" NFT during the sale to get on the whitelist automatically.
Engage with our Discord channel, participate in discussions, share your excitement, and help others to increase your chances of winning a free upcoming NFT!

our NFT journey has started lately and we appreciate your participation in it.

Connect with Us:
If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us on Discord via tickets.

Thank you for being part of our incredible community! Let's embark on an interstellar journey together with "Galaxy of love" and beyond! 

Tags: #art

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