Video Drops - NFT Calendar

The Hyper Sloths

January 16, 2022 – January 23, 2022

How we doing Hyper Sloths, Welcome to High School! The new term will begin soon, head out to the playground and have a chat with some of your new friends....

Rogue Fox Guild

January 25, 2022 – January 26, 2022

Rogue Fox Guild is starting as a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs.

It is a story of 10k rogue foxes that survived an apocalypse, became sentient, and started to roam...

Great Apes NFT

January 25, 2022 – February 01, 2022
Magic Eden

Great Apes NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles that exist on the Solana Blockchain. They are randomly generated with more than 200+ hand-drawn traits! Great Apes NFT...

Neon Prism

February 01, 2022 – February 08, 2022

The Neon Prism NFT drop of the first and limited collection from Prisma Finance. Neon Prism NFTs will be the fundamental base of the Prisma Yield Farm Ecosystem and NFT...

Unvirtual - France's First-ever Metaverse Event

February 05, 2022 – February 12, 2022

UNVIRTUAL Paris is a Physical/Virtual NFT Immersive Hybrid Event. In a very emblematic location in the heart of Paris, we will host, showcase, and promote curated digital artists, designers, and...

Invisible Friends: Public Mint

February 18, 2022 – January 12, 2022
[Invisible Friends release date is TBA. Dropping February 2022.]

Invisible Friends pre-sale is 100% sold out, thanks to all participants. Now we are opening up...

IggyBoy by 1ATH.Studio

February 20, 2022 – February 27, 2022

truly unique 3d nft collection: releases a collection of 10,000 3d iggyboy nfts that are truly one-of-a-kind. each nft is a unique piece of digital art manually created by...