Unifred Unifred 16.04.2024

Indonesian Selfie Guy Nets $1.8M in Memecoin and NFT Hybrid Presale

Sultan Gustov Al Ghozali, a 24-year-old Indonesian who made $1 million from an NFT collection in 2022, recently launched a sequel of his NFT project. The second initiative is themed around a memecoin presale fused with non-fungible capabilities.

In January 2022, Ghozali rolled out an NFT collection called Ghozali Everyday. Each NFT featured selfie photos the Indonesian took of himself every day between 2017 and 2021. He initially intended to create a video collage of himself throughout his schooling years until graduation from college. 

However, plans changed after he learned about the NFT realm and dropped 933 selfies as NFTs on OpenSea for 0.001 ETH apiece. The NFT community resonated with the collection and invested heavily in it, pushing its floor price higher.

Ghozali tweeted in August 2023 that he would stop taking daily selfies as he graduated from college. He subsequently became quiet on X for months.

Ghozali Makes a Comeback to the NFT Scene

Roughly six months after going off the scene, Ghozali resurfaced in March 2024 with a new initiative. Following the bitcoin halving hype and memecoin frenzy that saturated the market that month, Ghozali launched a memecoin project tied to the Ghozali Everyday project. 

The second project was a memecoin and NFT hybrid on the Ethereum layer-2 blockchain Base. The choice to embrace the Base network came amid a surge in engagement from several crypto projects. Around that time, the layer-2 network soaked up over $2 billion in total value locked (TVL) as Ethereum introduced the Dencun upgrade.

Ghozali’s second iteration into the blockchain space had a total supply of 1,500 tokens. It also had a minimum price of 0.05 ETH and a maximum price of 2 ETH apiece. The creator noted that there would be no addition to the total supply.

Following the presale, the Indonesian selfie guy netted 527 ETH worth about $1.8 million at the time. The figure was higher than its expected cap of 400 ETH. Promoting transparency and fairness, Ghozali noted that he would refund those who spent more than 2 ETH.

The rapid sell-out of the Ghozali-themed memecoins indicated that non-fungible degens are also interested in the memecoin culture. The successful presale underscores a unique blend between the NFT realm and the memecoin market.