Cronos Upcoming NFT Drops

Fortune Tigers

May 20, 2022 – May 27, 2022

Fortune Tigers is a collection of 5886 uniquely generated NFTs stored on the Cronos Chain. It is inspired by the year of the tiger, one of the 12 animals in...


May 28, 2022 – Jun 04, 2022


The GymKongZ, a tribe of 10,000 muscular and strong KongZ that are focused on good vibes and strong gains all day.

In order to achieve these gains and create...

Pepe frens Launch

Jun 10, 2022 – Jun 17, 2022

We are an community based project with an collection of 3000 PepeFrens. 750 PepeFrens will start as Season 1: The OG Mint! Our project gives control to the community of...

CB To The Moon

Jun 21, 2022 – Jun 28, 2022

"The CB To The Moon NFT collection is inspired by Lorenzo Riva’s personal collection of over 8,300 original sketches that were gifted to him by Maison Balenciaga. These never before...

Crondos | The Metaverse for the Bored Ape Cronos Club

Jun 30, 2022 – Jul 07, 2022

A blend of real world utility and an interoperable meta-verse under development by BACC Labs. Imagine a web3-enabled virtual world where players own the world and millions can play together...