Bitcoin Ordinals Upcoming NFT Drops

Ninja Alerts

Oct 02, 2023 – Oct 09, 2023

In a space where danger lurks in the shadows, Ninja Alerts emerges— a collection of 69 stealthy ninjas inscribed on Pizza Sats, the currency of the brave. This isn't just...

Kokeshi Nakamotos

Oct 03, 2023 – Oct 10, 2023

The childhood toys of Satoshi Nakamoto: 98 Kokeshi inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain. Inscription numbers 8612 - 10220. 77 are sub-10k.

The Bone Lightning Bunch

Dec 08, 2023 – Dec 15, 2023

FelmoLabs Brings the Bone Lightning Bunch NFT collection. A blend of fashion and Chemistry with over 35 years experience. We blend the two for a unique outcome that is based...