Unifred Unifred 24.04.2024

Homecoming: DeGods Considers Returning to Solana

Blue-chip NFT collection DeGods is considering returning to Solana after exiting the blockchain a year ago to join the likes of Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks on Ethereum.

DeGods, a PFP collection featuring godly characters, was originally launched on Solana in October 2021. At one point, it became the NFT with the highest market value on the chain.

However, after Solana faced a tumultuous period in 2022-2023 due to its association with FTX/Alameda, DeGods decided to move to Ethereum in April 2023.

At the time, Dust Labs, the web3 studio behind the project, stated that its decision to migrate to Ethereum aimed to seek new opportunities and avoid the challenges that Solana was facing. It also said that if DeGods is to be the world's biggest and most popular collection, it will have to move to Ethereum, the largest NFT market.

While DeGods achieved remarkable success on Solana, it continued to thrive on Ethereum, frequently hitting the top 10 NFTs by trading volume.

However, Dust Labs is now considering bringing DeGods back to Solana, as hinted by DeLabs founder Rohun "Frank" Vora on X (Twitter). In his tweet, Frank showed off a test picture of bridging NFTs back to Solana.

While the reason behind the transition remains scarce at the moment, DeGods' move to Solana signals a significant shift for the NFT project. The NFT's potential homecoming could mark a turning point for the project's future and potentially reignite the Solana NFT market.

Whether DeGods will officially return to Solana remains to be seen. However, Frank's actions have sparked discussions within the NFT community, with many anticipating the project's next move.