The Leading Solana NFT Projects DeGods and y00ts Will Soon Transit to Ethereum and Polygon

The previous 2022 was rich in big releases, events, and news. One of the most shattering announcements of late 2022 came from the two leading Solana NFT collections, DeGods, and y00ts, who are leaving the initial blockchain. Thus, DeGods will transit their engine to Ethereum, while y00ts will be moving to Polygon.

Both projects have already confirmed the transitions on Twitter, promising to finish the process in Q1 2023. Additionally, the DeGod's DUST token, which is used to make a transaction in the project's ecosystem, will also be transferred to the new blockchain.

The projects’ creator Rohun Vora made a comment on the upcoming transition, telling that the team behind the two projects is geared towards growth. They have realized that they would need to explore new opportunities if they want to continue evolving. 

“We believe now is the time to take a calculated risk and embark on a new journey,” said Vora. 

DeGods and y00ts are the two most reputable Solana-driven collections, with about 505 SOL and 149 SOL floor prices, respectively, at the moment of writing. Nevertheless, moving away from Solana didn't come as a surprise. The community is buzzing that DeGods asked the Solana Foundation for $5 million to stay on the Solana platform. Although the team behind the project denies the claim.

As for the y00ts' choice in favor of the Polygon blockchain, the move is linked to the Polygon's partnership grant creation. For now, no specific details on the agreement were disclosed, except for the terms. Thus, according to y00ts' founders, the grant will last “one year, maybe two.'

The transition to Ethereum and Polygon was met rather ambiguously by the NFT community. While Solana NFT creators majorly condemned the move, the collectors, on the contrary, supported the initiative.

While Polygon keeps gaining weight in the NFT community, transitioning to its blockchain engine seems to be a smart move for y00ts.

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