Avax Network Upcoming NFT Drops

The Amazons NFT

May 20, 2022 – May 27, 2022

Launching May 20th 2022, The Amazons collection consists of 10,000 uniquely generated Warrior Women hosted on the Avalanche Blockchain. But thats not all... EVERY Amazons NFT will be stakeable on...

Xkart Racing

May 25, 2022 – Jun 01, 2022

Xkart Racing is prestigious racing event which takes place in a metaverse called Zoria.

As a Zorian, you will race for the pride of your tribe and the unmatched honour...


May 29, 2022 – Jun 05, 2022

LUCKY-DAO NFT is a unique pixel art collection that lives on the Avalanche blockchain. It is a gateway ticket to a crypto-financial ecosystem that includes entertainment to ınvestment advice...

The Witch Game avax

May 30, 2022 – Jun 06, 2022

The Witch Game Avax is an upcoming Staking Play-to-Earn RPG and Metaverse with unique NFT crafting mechanics and fun to play Adventure Mode.

The game combines a room-based Metaverse RPG...

Toss-Up Club

Aug 01, 2022 – Aug 08, 2022

Toss-up club is a collection of 1234 randomly generated nfts that exist on the avax blockchain. You will have a passive income for owning this collection thanks to toss-up, and...