Rewards NFT Upcoming Drops

Tweetys - Pre-Sale

September 25, 2023 – October 02, 2023

Join our bird's nest and build your crypto empire!

Tweety is a new P2E project with over 8,000 unique NFTs on BSC, based on staking mechanics, in addition you can...

Mud Mavericks’ OG Collection

September 28, 2023 – October 05, 2023

Welcome to the pioneering world of Mud Mavericks, where off-road adventure meets NFT innovation in the expansive realm of Web3! Originating from the insightful leadership of ethical hacker, Tamara...

Mew3 Genesis

September 28, 2023 – October 05, 2023

Mew3 Genesis collection presents 20,000 unique hand-crafted avatars, unlocking premium membership access to the Mew3 platform – an innovative 3D portfolio platform designed to showcase...

Sloth Squad

September 30, 2023 – October 07, 2023

Sloth Squad is a unique collection of 999 hand-drawn sloths, all set to find their cozy home on the Ethereum blockchain. As a cherished member of the Sloth Squad, you’re...


October 01, 2023 – October 08, 2023

The Company uses a third-party platform (OpenSea) to create and distribute our NFTs. Build a diverse community of creatives, artists, entrepreneurs & collectors that support each other. Monthly giveaways to...

OSRT - Open Sea Rescue Team

October 01, 2023 – October 08, 2023

This genesis project will set the tone and pace for all future projects from the OSRT team and will be the benchmark for community engagement. We plan to start small...

The Glitcher nfts

October 01, 2023 – October 08, 2023

Embrace the Enigmatic Fusion of Art and Science with The Glitcher NFTs. Step into a world of Art, Science and creativity. Welcome to The Glitcher NFTs, a captivating collection displaying...

Million25 Debut

October 02, 2023 – October 09, 2023

Debut of Million25 with the first part of the 500 NFT collection which includes 250 NFT. The purchase guarantees entry into the Whitelist. For more details visit the website.

ArtsyApes x MetaBrew

October 05, 2023 – October 12, 2023

Get the fruity and tasty ArtsyApes Beer! It’s a new age where your PFP isn’t just for your screen. Show it off in style on the top shelf of your...

Squid Squad Renegades

October 10, 2023 – October 17, 2023

Introducing Squid Squad Renegades, an electrifying convergence of art, community, and technology that's setting the NFT world ablaze. Immerse yourself in a collection of 2,222 handcrafted squids, each a masterpiece...

3D Paleto

October 13, 2023 – October 20, 2023

3D Paleto is now on chain in the Polygon blockchain. Made with the most delicious flavors and full of NFT prizes from lots of Polygon projects.  

444 Paletos Over...

The Square Faces

October 15, 2023 – October 15, 2023

Free A.I NFT collection. First come, first served!

The Square Faces: Your Gateway to the Coolest NFT AI Battle Royale!Hey there, Square! Ready to step into the wild world...


November 20, 2023 – November 27, 2023

Own NFTs and Unlock Exclusive Benefits at SlimeHeads!

Get ready for NFT perks like:

Access to our exclusive merch store Engaging with NFT enthusiasts and creators Exclusive insights and...


December 01, 2023 – December 08, 2023

Stax is an innovative digital platform that seamlessly blends the spheres of art and gaming. It boasts a collection of 7777 unique 3D digital artworks, each one algorithmically generated and...


December 12, 2023 – December 19, 2023

BigL is a collection of 6.000 unique NFT bridging the gap between the Metaverse and the Lottery.


Robots Farm

December 30, 2023 – January 06, 2024

Robots.Farm stands out as a revolutionary DEX, blending sustainable Liquidity farming with an immersive Play-to-Earn NFT experience.

Embark on enthralling quests, amass valuable resources, and unveil the enigmas...

Shikari World

March 16, 2024 – March 23, 2024

The year is 2105 and humanity is entering a new era. In 2100, political changes were expected due to the global crisis and resulting refugee increase, which led to broken...


April 13, 2024 – April 20, 2024

Discover Backwood Brince, a multifaceted NFT platform that combines philanthropy, investment options, and social participation. Backwood Brince NFT holders gain access to 1,000 ID tokens in both digital and tokens,...