Vibrant Vectors

Mar 28, 2023 – May 05, 2023

Vibrant Vectors is generated on-chain, dynamic, and captivating geometric art that showcase a unique blend of colors, shapes, and movement. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, algorithmically crafted using a...

Chronos NFT

May 12, 2023 – May 19, 2023

Chronos NFT is a super unique and astounding project on Cardano to shape and sustain your digital identity in the crypto space.  By making entries on the blockchain you can...

Female Cybrug Warriors Stage 1

Mar 28, 2023 – Apr 04, 2023

Cybrug female Warriors is a collection of unique NFTs featuring powerful and fierce female warriors. Each NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital artwork, with no two NFTs being exactly the same.


Banana Balloon Club

Mar 28, 2023 – Apr 04, 2023

The Banana Balloon Club (BBC) comprises 4,200 PFP NFTs that were designed by a team of two. The founders consist of a skilled web3 artist who created the artwork for...

Generative Society

Mar 28, 2023 – May 05, 2023

Discover Generative Society, a groundbreaking NFT collection that fuses art and technology to portray digital lives. This captivating series showcases diverse faces, each uniquely generated through innovative algorithms.


Mar 28, 2023 – Apr 04, 2023 Decentralized RideHailing App. medallion collection mint live at:

The Problem : “Uber Drivers are being exploited by these corporations and government has yet to do their job to...

Bank Of Street Sponsor

Mar 31, 2023 – Apr 07, 2023

Limited edition of 1,000,000 coins with a total jackpot of USD 540,000 exclusively supplied by Street Sponsor

The proceeds will be used to purchase the Street Sponsor mansion (epicenter of...

Evil Sun Goblins

Mar 27, 2023 – May 04, 2023

Waaagh, we are a group of intelligent goblins, our intelligence is unmatched, our rise is unstoppable, we have silently invaded the metaverse, waaagh.

This time supply whitelist spot: 100 (freemint)


Robot Of Future

Apr 08, 2023 – Apr 15, 2023

The Future Robot is a powerful collection in the form of 6666 unique nftsOur concern in designing this collection is climate change and environmental pollution caused by us humans,...

The Freudian Slip

Mar 31, 2023 – Apr 07, 2023

The Freudian Slip NFT collection is the epitome of our collective struggle on different levels between the superego and the id.

This NFT collection features Denmarks most infamous comedian Casper...

Robi Xana

Mar 29, 2023 – Apr 05, 2023

Robi Xana is a collection of 333 unique NFTs. We are a community-driven project with only one vision. To Growing together on The Solana Blockchain.

Astronauts by E

Mar 27, 2023 – Apr 03, 2023

If you want to join the Astronauts ecosystem mount an nft from the site

7,000 nft ERC-721 created by Edoardo Speroni, a boy with a single goal: to make...

Signature Keys Mint

Mar 31, 2023 – Apr 07, 2023

1000 Keys. 168 Funded Addresses at a time. 8736 Chances.

The Signature Keys collection features a grand total of 1000 Dynamic NFTs, all of which provide access to private keys...


Mar 31, 2023 – Apr 07, 2023

Cryptogremls is a unique collection of creatures from another planet that have come to Earth through blockchain technology. These fascinating creatures include various races that coexist on their alien planet....

Im Crying

Mar 26, 2023 – Apr 02, 2023

"I'm Crying " is the Genesis collection of the Brothers Goop. This project depicts the existential crisis one would presumably experience if you were made of plastic and started melting 

Just Jesus

Mar 27, 2023 – Apr 03, 2023

Images of jesus painted in pencil!

100 unique images of jesus painted in pencil, made by various Latin American artists.

10 NFTs will be created each year at Holy week...

DaruNoDaru - Early Edition

Mar 30, 2023 – Apr 06, 2023

DaruNoDaru is a 333 nfts collection inspired by the Pop/Retro/japanese culture. They randomly generated with different level of rarities and utilities into the community. Each Daru is unique and rare!...

The First Mefriend - Noah

Mar 27, 2023 – Apr 03, 2023

Mefriends is a project focused on kids, parenting and upbring. The first Mefriends books is ready to be minted and there are more to come.We plan on creating more books, toys,...

Apex Doodles: Pixel Racers

Mar 30, 2023 – Apr 06, 2023

Buy an NFT That's Actually Good. Win a Racing Car!

Apex Doodles is a Web3 motorsport project like no other. The project follows the racing career of Oscar Joyce (OJ),...

The 10k collection Stage #2

Apr 27, 2023 – Jun 03, 2023

We brought the Traditional artworks and traditional artists to the NFT space with our 1st stage Mint and now we are happy to announce the 2nd stage of the...