Aug 19, 2022 – Aug 26, 2022

Hello world, we are ZooZooClub. We are going to create 5,000 NFTs by version. They all are going to be generated and once we worked on the animal, we will...

Thinking cat

Aug 19, 2022 – Aug 26, 2022

Thinking cat

Bergolettes NFT Slides by the EU Parliament Member

Aug 15, 2022 – Aug 31, 2022

The EU Parliament member, and the major NFT community's rights advocate, Stefan Berger, is a renowned name in the realm. The official who was previously tasked with facilitating...

Moon Earth NFT Land Sale

Nov 01, 2022 – Nov 08, 2022

Revolution Moon Earth is a game based in the distant future. In this iteration, three meteors strike our planet, the entire world is on fire, and the people of Earth...

NFT Collection Created by an Orangutan

Aug 19, 2022 – Aug 22, 2022

It seems that nothing can impress a sophisticated NFT enthusiast, as creators and brands can't stop coming up with extraordinary ideas for their drops. But this...

Creep Soccer-Premier League NFT

Aug 26, 2022 – Sep 02, 2022

In today's stressful social system, we either become losers actively or passively, or reluctantly fit inti the society, and become normal young people who try to please the public...

Bull Run Beach Club 88

Aug 21, 2022 – Aug 28, 2022

The Bull Run Beach Club is a collection of 8,888 characters forming the Bull Run City Metaverse.

Summer Made Sensational: A Patrón Pop-Up Series

Aug 19, 2022 – Aug 21, 2022

Dive into an invigorating journey with a spicy taste of tequila by joining Patrón in its second NFT-focused endeavor titled Summer Made Sensational: A Patrón Pop-Up Series. The...

NFT Graveyard

Aug 31, 2022 – Sep 07, 2022

We are all going to die.But what if the grave is a point of teleportation to a bright and boundless non-physical world.A place in our cemetary is a...

The Dragons Of Hidden Treasure

Aug 31, 2022 – Sep 07, 2022

Welcome to The Dragon of Hidden Treasures TDHT "FIRST NFT WITH RAFFLE" Whoever possess a dragon can have access to the underworld and Its hidden treasures. The hidden treasure will...

Kook Club

Aug 20, 2022 – Aug 26, 2022

We are a community-driven NFT collection that aims to be the world’s most valued and utilized surfing-related NFT to ever exist on the Ethereum blockchain. An epic 4,200-piece collection of...

Story Block

Aug 13, 2022 – Aug 20, 2022

Story Block is the first all on-chain experiment in collaborative storytelling.

By concatenating, or linking, all of the StoryBlock NFTs together a story is formed, written by the token holders...

8BitFroggers - Free Mint

Aug 24, 2022 – Aug 31, 2022

Underpromise and Overdeliver.

No roadmap. No discord. No utility. Just a bunch of f*cking Frogs doing Frog sh*t.

Secondary royalties will be used for something Frog related, maybe we'll talk...

Genesis NFT Love Sex Robots

Aug 18, 2022 – Aug 25, 2022

Love Sex Robots NFT holders will be able to be first members of our metaverse. Get your exclusive ticket to the world of love and passion. Minting will occur randomly...

The Bride

Aug 19, 2022 – Aug 26, 2022

Introducing "The Bride"! the long awaited sister collection to the popular "I'm Frank" collection listed on opensea with over 50eth traded and over 1000 owners.

This time, we are doing...


Aug 17, 2022 – Aug 24, 2022

Own your sound. 54 artists. 1071 original Music NFTs. Full IP rights.

The pioneers of dance music in the UK are bringing the music industry into the metaverse, trailblazing on...

Mad Panda Scientist NFT

Aug 20, 2022 – Aug 27, 2022

The Exclusive & Unique NFT Collection of the Mad Panda Scientist 

The Mad Panda Scientist tried to change the world. He always brews new potions, but none of...


Aug 20, 2022 – Aug 27, 2022

A series of 676 looping NERDZ. 

26 Letters, 26 Unique versions of each. 26 Drops.

Bored of your meaningless PFP NFT? Now you can display your initial...

S01E Sneakers

Sep 10, 2022 – Sep 17, 2022

S01E is a collection of FREE TO MINT* sneakers on the Cardano Blockchain. All of our Sneakers are created in 3D software using cubes to produce a voxel artform, giving...

League of Lions

Sep 02, 2022 – Sep 09, 2022

The Lifetime Pass is a collection of 1,000 3D NFT utility tokens created on the Cardano blockchain and the beginning of the circle of life in the League of Lion's...