Soccer League Club

Aug 12, 2023 – Aug 19, 2023

A collection of 1000 Digital Soccer Legends balling on the Metaverse

Sui Dogs

Jul 14, 2023 – Jul 21, 2023

Sui Dogs is a collection of 5000 unique randomly generated Dogs stored on the Sui blockchain.

Sui Dogs will have a Supply of 5000 and will be minted for FREE.


Jul 06, 2023 – Jul 13, 2023

Freemint pfp collection, coming to Ethereum chain. In partnerships and talks with big Japanese and Asian communities.

Pushin Panda

Jun 30, 2023 – Jul 07, 2023

Just Some Pandas Pushin Bamboo.

Dropping on Eth for the culture. cc0.


Jun 15, 2023 – Jun 22, 2023

This photograph will blow your mind. It's called Frighten. It conveys a feeling of shock. when you look at this picture you might feel shocked but sometimes it might make...

In Visible

Jun 12, 2023 – Jun 19, 2023

Feral File is pleased to announce In/Visible, a group show curated by Linda Dounia featuring work by Adaeze Okaro, Afroscope, Arclight, Jah., Minne Atairu, Moonsundiamond, Nygilia, Rayan Elnayal, Serwah,...

Bunny Bebes Giveaway

Jun 10, 2023 – Jun 17, 2023

$50 Giveaway starts this Friday!

Universal Expressions

Jun 09, 2023 – Jun 16, 2023

Literary art at the service of everyone.

Numerous people have lived on this planet for different purposes and with varied life's experiences. Beyond languages, cultures, and places, even with centuries...


Jun 09, 2023 – Jun 16, 2023

SMOnks has created a mesmerizing collection that transports viewers into an ethereal universe filled with vibrant colors, dynamic compositions, and a sense of wonder. Each NFT represents an exquisite piece...


Jun 09, 2023 – Jun 16, 2023

Introducing our new collection of adorable and unique NFTs featuring miniature astronaut characters, and multi-colored designs called "biti.nauts". These NFTs not only look great, but they also come equipped with...


Jun 09, 2023 – Jun 16, 2023


Jun 09, 2023 – Jun 16, 2023

AM's Point of View is the priceless collection of the Mysterious emerging Italian artist deploying unprecedented points of view of reality with his visionary interpretations: quantities of sh*t will be...

City X Avant-garde

Jun 09, 2023 – Jun 16, 2023

The first drop of CityX NFT Art Project is a collection of 13 one-of-a-kind animated NFTs featuring physical paintings by some of the most remarkable Ukrainian avant-garde artists.

These paintings...


Jun 09, 2023 – Jun 16, 2023

Degemerates is an NFT collection that invites you to embrace degeneracy and revel in the nonsensical. Pay more, increase your odds of minting "rarer" art, and enjoy a random refund...

Sia Siberia Trading Cards by DOLZ

Jun 09, 2023 – Jun 16, 2023

The famous adult cosplayer Sia Siberia trading cards will be released on Wednesday, June 7!

This first trading card will have very few copies and will therefore be extremely rare....

Crazy Clowns

Jun 08, 2023 – Jun 15, 2023

Welcome to the Crazy Clowns NFT collection. This collection features 10000 NFTS with 1365 minted and available for your ownership, The remaining NFTS will be minted later. Get ready to...

Frowgz Collection

Jun 08, 2023 – Jun 15, 2023

Frowgz is a collection of NFT's inspired by pepe the frog. Everybody will want to own his Frowgz. Perfect visual for a profile avatar, this will become viral. Pepe has...

Spirit of the Drum

Jun 08, 2023 – Jun 15, 2023

The spirit of the drum. It is through the rhythmic beat of the drum that her energy is called down. She provides access to spiritual dimensions to anyone who syncs...

Arrasany 3.0

Jun 08, 2023 – Jun 15, 2023

Yohan feat. Idesam

'Arrrasany 3.0' is an NFT collection inspired by the Amazon Rainforest and the Metaverse. The collection is also an offshoot of the eponymous album 'Arrasany...

GUACamole Avotars

Jun 20, 2023 – Jun 27, 2023

Get ready for the upcoming launch of GUACamole's highly anticipated Avotar collection, a game-changing leap in digital representation and consumer applications powered by Solana's freshest meme coin, $GUAC.

Imagine owning...