Puffy Nation Auction starts Dec 31 Polygon

Dec 31, 2022 – Jan 07, 2023

Whitelist begins now!  100 spots open / 10 free puffy giveways to the best storytellers! Rt + like @thepuffynation follow go to https://puffynation.Com/home/maker-houses… and add a puffy story! Top...

F-ck Apes

Dec 08, 2022 – Dec 15, 2022

The Fuck Apes is an Anti-Fascism collection of 4444 (1/1) graffiti Sprayed on Meta-Walls. Our Apes exist on the Solana blockchain, armed with 85 Fucking Traits. Fuck Apes is A...

Garbage Friends

Dec 05, 2022 – Dec 12, 2022

creating trash a future collection from @motionmarkus influencer friendly #GarbageTalk

ArchZ Hellgate

Dec 02, 2022 – Dec 09, 2022

ArchZ Hellgate edition | ERC-721(A) | Collection of 999 unique, vicious and savage ArchZ archons, enriched with elaborated metadata | public mint 0.00333 eth 

With the Hellgate edition 999 vicious and savage ArchZ archons roaming the ethereum blockchain amongst the deepest depths of mystery. All ArchZ archons from the hellgate edition have added value trought elaborated metadata and are truly unique,  both visually and in terms of their metadata. Some ArchZ archons are wicked and some are just crazy. 

Public Mint available on official website archz.io/mint 

I am not a happy balLon

Dec 02, 2022 – Dec 09, 2022

i am not a happy balloon is a collection of 500 nfts, it is not just any collection, behind this project there is no group of experts, nor smart contracts,...

Just Cat: New Arrivals

Nov 27, 2022 – Dec 04, 2022

Just Cat. dedicated to create a strong community, You can become a member by buying or acquiring an NFT from our collection. Our Holders play an important role in building...

Karen by Cardano NSFW

Nov 27, 2022 – Dec 04, 2022

Minting Fantasies Since 2021

Our new playmate is releasing her first CNFT collection of 100 copies.

3 variants; Nude (10%), Underwear (30% and Dressed (60%).

Holders of Sarah and Akashida...

nft collection (eyes)

Nov 27, 2022 – Dec 04, 2022


my first nft collection mint on foundation.app 

art for digital art lovers.

Please support

please check this link to see


. 1024 x 1792 px 

price:0.14 ETH



AlienPixelCat NFT

Dec 04, 2022 – Dec 01, 2022

On 01.01.2023 we list our 100 first NFTs for sale, they will only cost 30.- to support our big goal. This is something you have never seen before in the...

Disabled Youth Awareness Nft Collection

Nov 27, 2022 – Dec 04, 2022

Disabled Youth Awareness is Charity DAO’s new NFT collection. The NFT collection design concept is to fuse each person of different physical defects with a variety of plants, suggesting the...

Kumiko free mint

Nov 27, 2022 – Dec 04, 2022

KUMIKO - November 25

Kumiko is a story of a race of women who have come to the planet. It_s a science fiction, with elements of drama and horror. The...

The Great Archipelago

Dec 31, 2022 – Jan 07, 2023

Presell and presenting

The Great Archipelago is a collection of 37 2D NFT on the ethereum blockchain. This project is developed by SMK Bagimu Negeriku student, come to see...

Dosi Adventure Week 8

Nov 27, 2022 – Dec 04, 2022

Get ready to explore DOSI Adventure and earn treasures!

Weekly raffle events are coming for you to earn world-famous blue chip NFTs as airdrop rewards.

Adventure period: 2022.11.24 09:00 (UTC+9)...

Doge Heroes

Nov 27, 2022 – Dec 04, 2022

Doge Heroes is an NFT collection of 6,666 animated Pixel Art based on the story of dogs who became virtual heroes.

Mint Info:

- Mint Date: November 27th, 2022


Lick Me Crew

Nov 27, 2022 – Dec 04, 2022

Lick Me Crew, is an auction of 22 ultra-rare audio-enhanced limited editions of her Lick Me series. These are being auctioned now in November through mid of December 2022 on...

Rhomguys Sale

Nov 27, 2022 – Dec 04, 2022

ROMBguys is a collection of unique NFTs on the OpenSea Market 

Chrysalism free mint

Dec 01, 2022 – Dec 08, 2022

CHRYSALISM features highly realistic and detailed art that dynamically evolves. 36 algorithms make up a truly unique and 100% generative experience that provides a personalised collectible with an emotional connection....

Polygon Infinite Foxies

Nov 27, 2022 – Dec 04, 2022

Infinite Foxies is a collection consisting of over 1000 different NFT pieces. Infinite Foxies love to party in the forest but with increased population, the forest started to become insufficient....


Dec 01, 2022 – Dec 08, 2022

The only way to truly see yourself is in the reflection of someone else's eyes — Voltaire.

Discover the world of AI self-expression. Robaitum is a hand-picked, art-expert-curated collection that...

Cyber rhino squad conservation nfts

Dec 14, 2022 – Dec 21, 2022

Cyber Rhino Squad, Keep Nature Alive and the international NFT Web 3 community contribute to save the northern white rhino from extinction

A new NFT initiative supports the BioRescue Consortium...