How a Regular Indonesian Student Turned His Nearly 1k Selfies Into Nearly $1-Million-Worth NFTs

A regular college graduate from Indonesia, 22-year-old Ghozali Ghozalo in one fell swoop has turned into an NFT celeb. And no, he didn't rob a bank or hit a huge lottery jackpot. The guy had just dropped his 933 five-year-worth selfies on OpenSea with a 0.001 ETH price tag, which sold out in a few days like hotcakes.

Of course, neither the creator himself nor the NFT community as a whole could ever imagine the story to take such a turn. Well, Ghozali Ghozalo took pictures of himself every day from 2017 – 2021. The initial goal behind this challenging task was to create a collage video for YouTube to celebrate his graduation. And he succeeded! The guy's 2-minute YouTube video is a commemorative of his everyday journey towards graduation. 

Ghozali's selfies, to say frankly, are just selfies without any veiled subtext. These are 933 pictures of a typical gaming nerd in front of his PC. Headphones and a gaming chair speak better than words. 

The idea behind the creation of the NFT Collection is shady. But one thing is for sure, it is a splash! When Ghozali launched the collection on January 9, he set the floor price at about 0.001 ETH, or around 3 USD per each. Now the cheapest NFT sells for about 0.36 ETH. The collection dabbed ‘Ghozali Everyday’ peaked at around 1 ETH for each NFT two days later and has since dropped down to a floor price of 0.2 ETH with 300+ ETH in traded volume. 

One thing is for sure, 'Ghozali Everyday’ was noticed by NFT whales and got a profound promotion boost. Thus, Indonesian celebrity chef Arnold Poernomo, his compatriot entrepreneur Jeffry “Jejouw” Jouw, and a couple of other influential personalities shilled the selfie collection to the masses. 

No one knows whether Ghozali will keep working his way into the crypto space, but he is totally one of the best examples of how an honest approach to NFTs can change your life in almost no time.