Chris Chris 13.01.2022

We are Going to Buy a Shelter for Our Community to Book their Week Stay (probably Aruba) for Free — Founder's Interview

Chris: Please introduce yourself. 

Davy: I'm Davy, CEO from the silly gecko society. I'm a longtime crypto investor and NFT invester/trader. 

Chris: What inspired you to build the Silly Geckos NFT? What is the concept behind the Silly Geckos? 
Davy: I live in Aruba and  there are so much different kind of geckos. i really like these small animals. the geckos we have in our house make such a funny sound that i thought i'll do some more background check with this animal. so i learned that there are more than 2100 different kind of geckos all over the world. in all diverent kind of environments. its like people, all over the world and they all have something in common. thats what i want for the silly gecko society to. bring people together. the silly gecko society.

Chris: There is a Silly Gecko Society and a place where the Geckos can stay. This is exciting. What is the Silly Gecko Society? Please tell us all about it. 
Davy: The silly gecko society is like no other. we are the only project in the world aiming to build/buy a 'shelter' , apartments, where TSGS NFT holders can book their week stay for free and hang out with fellow TSGS NFT holders. we can really come together in person and hang around. 
We are also planning to give gecko partys all over the world.

Chris: There is a play-to-earn game as well. How does it work? How does the NFT investor participate?
Davy: This play to earn game is not yet online. We are discussing some things with a game developer about what he can make and how we can integrate it in TSGS.
Chris: Interesting, so when is the minting date for Silly Gecko’s NFT? How much will be the minting cost per NFT?
Davy: The minting for whitelisted people will start january 24th 2022 and the minting price will be 0.06 ethereum for both presale as public sale.
Chris: Furthermore, do you plan a presale or airdrop? How many NFT’s will be sold in the public sale?
Davy: Yes we do plan a presale. this will be january 24th 2022 and will only be for whitelisted people.
We have 777 WL spots to earn or to giveaway. the maximim amount of NFTs minted during presale is 3 per wallet. that means there will be 5446 NFTs left for public sale. More than enough chance for everybody to grab a nice NFT

Chris: Alright, there is a hunting process for the gecko to bag the giveaway. How does the gecko hunt in the NFT space?
Davy: This hunting process will take place in the discord. i can't reveal so much about it but holders can hunt for 10 honnorable NFTs

Chris: What all do you plan to bring in the merch drop? 
Davy: The first merch drop will be hoodies, hats, headphones, t-shirts and beanies.

Chris: Finally, what is next for the Silly Geckos? There is scope for buying shelter and releasing the prey? What is it all about?
Davy: Yes we are going to buy a shelter for our community to book their week stay (probably Aruba) for free. the releasing the pray part is a airdrop of NFTs. Can't reveal so much about the NFTs itself but you can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates.
And there will be a roadmap 2.0 and 3.0 and i can tell you that 2.0 will be about lady geckos.
3.0 will be totally different and we are going to ask the community what they would like to see in what kind of geckos we need te drop. 
Of course we will check the possibilities,