Chris Chris 12.01.2022

A BongaNFT Holder Will get Access to a Wide Variety of Benefits that Aren’t up for Sale to Regular Users on our Website — Creator's Interview

Chris from NFT Calendar: BongaCams already has, in my humble opinion, one of the best products/services online. So I’m curious, why the move to NFTs? What inspired this project?

Bonga NFT team: Yeah! So we are proud to be ranked among some of the top websites in the world by Alexa Internet with over 110 Million active members! There are millions of amazing websites out there, and to achieve what we have achieved to this day in comparison to our early days back in 2012 has been a phenomenal experience. Within 10 years, BongaCams became one of the top-ranking adult and webcam platforms in the world, we consider that tremendous success, YAY!

To be frank, we were one of the first platforms out there to become crypto-friendly. We have been accepting crypto as a form of payment since 2014, which satisfied a lot of our members and affiliates who reaped the benefits.

This year, BongaCams turns 10! To celebrate, we have decided to launch a new exclusive NFT collection for all our fans and crypto enthusiasts. It is the first of its kind in our industry, and we are really proud to have our members on board with us!

Chris from NFT Calendar: Do you have a special team working on this project? Tell us more about the brains behind BongaNFTs

Bonga NFT team: Oh yes! The brains behind BongaNFTs are the brains behind the BongaCams brand! A couple of us have been involved in BongaCams since the earlier days and it is truly amazing to be working on something new and unique for our community!

Chris from NFT Calendar: Ok, so let me get this straight… This may be the last chance to purchase a BongaNFT? Will all 10,000 be dropped on January 20, 2022, and will there be a whitelist for diehard BongaCams fans?

Bonga NFT team: Yes! So we will give access to our whitelisted members on the 19th January 2022 and then the big drop comes on the 20th January at 20:00 GMT+2.

As for the whitelist, considering the nature of our company and the services we provide, we understand that not everyone from our existing community wants to join our public servers or engage publicly on social media. We truly want to respect everyone’s privacy and need to stay anonymous. For that reason, we have created a whitelist application process both privately and publicly on our Discord server!

Chris from NFT Calendar: And minting? What will be the cost and process?

Bonga NFT team: Our mint price is 0.15 ETH. The BongaNFTs will be available via at 20:00 GMT+2! Everyone will get to mint up to 10 NFTs/wallet!

We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to ALWAYS be aware of fake/scam collections. Link to our official collection will be posted again on our websites & social media pages, so please stay tuned! Additionally, we’d like to remind everyone to use a burner wallet. Don’t use your main wallets to mint NFTs - stay safe out there!

Chris from NFT Calendar: I know I’m not the only one who will be interested in this information – the giveaways and raffles. What are the perks of being a BongaNFT holder?

Bonga NFT team: A BongaNFT holder will get access to a wide variety of benefits that aren’t up for sale to regular users on our website! For instance, they’ll get a chance to win VIP status on our website for an entire year with Tokens, free exclusive NFT airdrops once all original BongaNFTs are sold out, official merchandise, and tickets to exclusive adult events!

Chris from NFT Calendar: The point system with the BongaNFTs, please share more on this. Why should a buyer want to have 10 mind-blowing points?

Bonga NFT team: The points chart on our website was done to visually demonstrate the rarity of each BongaNFT our fans might have a chance to mint! Please keep in mind though, that every single NFT in our collection is super original and unique!

Chris from NFT Calendar: Finally, please let us know how we can keep updated with your latest news? This is the only project of its kind in the webcam industry, and we are interested to stay in the loop.

Bonga NFT team: For sure! So there are several ways to stay updated with the latest news:

Our Discord:

You can also subscribe to BongaCams and become a member! We send out regular newsletters regarding our NFTs!

See ya soon!