Head Over Heels in NFTs: Samsung Launches A Virtual Store in Decentraland

The South Korean tech giant Samsung has been involved in the NFTs and the metaverse these days. Less than a month has passed after the brand has come up with its never-before-seen NFT-supporting TV line. And now, Samsung shoots the bullseye again by announcing the news on its brand-new constructed Samsung 837X store to launch its virtual copy in the Decentraland metaverse!

With at least three newest cutting-edge VR projects like Samsung’s Connectivity Theatre, Sustainability Forest, and Customization Stage under the belt, the Samsung virtual store will have much to show off to its visitors. For instance, the users exploring the theater and forests can participate in the quests to claim 837NFT badges while enjoying the ‘metaverse mixed reality live dance party’ hosted by DJ Gamma Vibes.

The 837X project is making waves in the Crypto Space, laying the company's future course, all inextricably bound to NFTs and the Metaverse. Take your chance to drop in Samsung's Decentraland-based store, as its open hours are limited!