Chris Chris 10.01.2022

Our Main Aim is to Develop the First Real Estate-based P2E Game on the Ethereum Network — Founder's Interview

The founders of Buidlverse are Zora and TokenFunder, two Toronto-based blockchain firms, focusing on real estate tokenization. Previous to entering into the NFT space, George Djuric was a commercial real estate broker, working for global firms specializing in investments and leasing. 
Chris: What is the BUIDLVERSE? How do the investors use the play to earn the platform?
George: The BUIDLVERSE is a collection of 8,091 NFTs, inspired by the world’s most iconic architecture marvels – called BUIDLs. Each BUIDL NFT has a unique use case in the Buidlverse, an upcoming P2E game based on real estate market participants and economics, designed for you to: Play, Earn and Learn.
The BUIDLVERSE is set in the digital future, where digital tokens represent roles and ownership for all property on Earth, digitized on blockchains. BUIDLers are establishing this future by minting their role in the BUIDLVERSE. 

Chris: What was the inspiration for developing BUIDL NFTs? Please share the key idea behind the token.
George: The idea for BUIDLVERSE was conceived in Summer 2021 by Zora and TokenFunder. Co-Founder George Djuric's two passions are real estate and crypto, and thus was determined to create a unique NFT project to combine these two passions. We were motivated to create something entirely different than what we have been seeing in the market. 

Chris: How does the BUIDL NFT work in the game? How do the players interact being digital replicas of iconic buildings around the world?
George: The BUIDL NFT are set to act as in-game assets in BUIDLVERSE's upcoming P2E game. Holders will receive a role within the BUIDLVERSE: Owner, Tenant, Manager or Broker, each with a specific use case, designed to mirror real world market economics and participants. As an Owner, for example, you will collect $BUIDL token as rent from Tenants, and can hire Brokers or Managers to boost revenue. 

Chris: When is the public sale opening for BUIDLVERSE? What will be the minting cost for each NFT?
George: Public mint is now live and priced at 0.05 ETH. You can mint here:

Chris: Who are comprise the core team of BUIDLVERSE? How do they contribute towards the development of BUIDL NFT’s?
George: The core team behind BUIDLVERSE is composed of two firms: Zora and TokenFunder. Zora has taken the lead on community building and establishing the core concept. TokenFunder has developed the smart contract and is powering the minting process. Both firms work together on other blockchain-related projects, such as real estate tokenization. 

Chris: How are the tokens distributed between iconic buildings, managers, builders, and tenants? Please share a rough count for each category.
George: Rarity traits amongst the collection is based upon three factors: asset type, location and role. Asset types (and their rarity percentages) are as follows: Commercial (67%), Residential (17%), Hotel (10%) and Landmark (6%). Location traits are based on the Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI) and ranks global cities from A to D. Finally, roles and their rarity percentages are as follows: Owner (3.4%), Manager (16.1%), Broker (32.2%) and Tenant (48.3%). 

Chris: Furthermore, how can I mint BUIDL NFTs? Can I choose the rare tokens?
George: You can mint a BUIDL NFT here: What you mint is entirely random! What BUIDL will you mint? 

Chris: Finally, what are your plans for the future of BUIDL NFTs? Do you have any plans on merchandising or metaverse integration?
George: Our main aim is to develop the first real estate-based P2E game on the Ethereum network. We envision you to collect, manage, lease and broker real estate deals and earn $BUIDL Token while doing it. You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates

All those who mint a BUIDL NFT will receive an airdrop of $BUIDL Token in 2022 Q1.