Chris Chris 10.01.2022

They are 1.500 Hand Drawn non Fungible Tokens, whit very Special Traits and Uniques ones — Creator's Interview

Adrian Soria/Soria15 Founder , crypto enthusiast from 2014 and entrepreneur.
Chris: What is the CapyBaras NFT? Why did you pick the rodents for the NFT?
Adrian: They are 1.500 hand drawn non fungible tokens, whit very special traits and uniques ones. Thousands of combinations possibles.  Those are the biggest rodents on earth. We are in direct contact we some capybaras, that are ours friends for a long time ago, we gain an special affection for them, that being said this project is a dedication to them, for being such an incredible animals and partners. 10% of the profits will go directly to the Frontera Seca Foundation in Paraguay, to help preserve their so valued natural habitat.
Chris: Some CapyBaras NFT looks fun, some look powerful while some simply look cute! How can I get my hands on one of these Capybara NFTs?
Adrian: Mint will be available on January 15th on the site invadingcapybaras
Chris: Furthermore, when do the Capybaras NFT go live for sale? How much is the minting cost of each NFT? How much is gas?
Adrian: 15th january on our official site
Minting will be available at 0.075 eth each whit some special gifts for the WL members.
Gas will be around 30-40 usd
Chris: Why did you pick only 1500 NFTs for sale when there is a possibility of 10000 CapyBaras combinations? Do you plan to release them in phases?
Adrian: Thats for sure, we will have more phases to release more uniques capybaras.
Chris: Moreover, what is the roadmap for the future of these CapyBaras NFT?

Adrian: STAGE 1) CREATE 1.500 INVASIVE CAPYBARAS - Capybaras are created!


STAGE 3) LIMITED EDITION AND AIRDROPS - Launching those great airdrops you want and some very special limited edition, hand drown Capybaras

STAGE 4) UTILITY - Projecting huge utility, STAKE your capybaras to earn $CAPY - Possible in early 2022

STAGE 5) DONATION - 10% of the sale would be donated to Foundation Frontera Seca in Paraguay

Chris: Once I buy my CapyBara NFT, what can I do with them? In other words, how can I use my NFT?

Adrian: You will have them stored in your wallet, and be able to stake them to earn our soon available token $CAPY
Chris: Finally, who is on the team creating and developing these CapyBaras NFT with you, and how are they contributing? Please share.
Adrian: Two crypto enthusiasts from 2014, and capybara lovers since ever. Doing this in dedication to them and for our community.