Chris Chris 09.01.2022

The NFTs are .04 Eth for each Genesis NFT and the second Сollection is Free of charge— Creator's Interview

Chris: Degenz Den, sounds like there is an interesting story behind this name – what inspired this project?

Scott: The name Degenz Den refers to the ethos and spirit of the NFT culture.  Degen is short for "degenerate gambler," which is a sort of self-deprecating term that many NFT collectors use to refer to themselves.  It's a little bit of a misnomer for us as we actually put many many man hours of research into everything we do.  But it is still a fun nod to the community.  The "Den" part of the name refers to our community and plays off of our artwork.  The artwork in our genesis drop is hyena-based.  Our second collection, which is airdropped to all genesis holders, is honey badgers.  So the Den is where we live.

Chris: The sale starts on January 14, 2022, for presale and January 15, 2022, for the public.  What is the price for each NFT? 

Scott: The NFTs are .04 Eth for each genesis NFT and the second collection is free of charge.  The second collection will be airdropped to genesis holders, so it is a bit of a 2 for 1 deal.


Chris: Cool. Now, I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I see “free perks” with an interesting project, I have to look twice. Tell us more about the utilities you're offering.

Scott: Sure! We actually have a LOT of utilities built into the project to ensure maximum value for holders.  
(1) Each Degenz Den NFT doubles as a raffle ticket that provides one entry into drawings for merch, prizes such as plane tickets to Vegas, gift cards, and a portion of the sales from Degenz Den's genesis drop.  
(2) Hyena purchasers will also unlock the Honey Badger Airdrop.  The Honey Badger NFTs also double as a raffle ticket into the drawings.  
(3) Each Degenz Den NFT holder will also be collabed into an exclusive cryptovoxels spaces called The Den.  Holders will be able to use the space in any way they see fit.  
(4) Holders of the genesis Degenz Den NFT collection will also be automatically whitelisted into future Degenz Den drops.  
(5) Each Degenz Den NFT also comes with an exclusive unlockable Hyena mask that is wearable in metaverse spaces such as cryptovoxels.  
(6) Holders of Degenz Den NFTs are granted full derivative rights with regards to their particular NFT to use as they see fit.  We encourage community members to create derivative works.  
(7) Degenz Den NFT holders will also be able to periodically claim Honey Tokens, which they can use to redeem merchandise and other goodies from the Degenz Den store.

Chris: You guys seem really focused on keeping your audience happy. We understand that the Degenz Den NFT also serves as a Degenz Den DAO membership card, why should the buyers get excited about that?
Scott: Yes! This refers tohow our community will make decisions.  For instance, we collab all of our NFT holders into our metaverse space in Cryptovoxels, and plan to build out metaverse spaces in several other metaverses such as Decentraland and Sandbox.  What we do with those spaces is up to the community, which will be open to suggestions and put to a vote.  The same applies to every major decision about the project.  In essence, the project will belong to the community and the DAO members will control the future of the project.
Chris: Degenz Den NFTs are automatically whitelisted for future projects, do you have a timeline for the next drop?  
Scott: The second drop is actually already created and will be airdropped to genesis holders soon after mint.  That is our Honey Badger collection.  Our third collection is in the works now and will follow soon thereafter, but we don't want to give out those details quite yet.
Chris: I see you constantly working to reward your members. Where can we follow and get updates on the latest rewards?

Scott: Our discord is where the community usually comes together to stay up to date with project updates.  You can access our discord at
We are also active on social media, so be sure to follow us on twitter and Instagram.