Binance Smart Chain Upcoming NFT Drops

The Age of Gangs

Jul 05, 2022 – Jul 12, 2022

9.000 NFT minted by AI to give each individual Gangster a unique appearance. The more Gangsters you control, the more territories you can capture in the game. Each Gangster is...


Jul 07, 2022 – Jul 14, 2022

We are the first Hybrid DAO combining AMM(automated market maker) protocol, Venture and Service  DAO offering WEB 3 SaaS ( Software as a service).

We are based on 6...


Jul 15, 2022 – Jul 22, 2022

Listen music in web3Earn lmt tokensLofi-fi is a lifestyle appWith game-fi and social fi element.By listening and sharingMusic, users will get rich rewards.

Crazy Joker Sweep Festival

Jul 15, 2022 – Jul 22, 2022

Jokers are funny. Just like clowns. Sometimes they make us laugh. Sometimes they scare us. But either way it’s guaranteed FUN and EXCITEMENT. Just like this project. Fun to...

Icon world nft

Aug 08, 2022 – Aug 15, 2022

ICON WORLD is a platform that represent honorary and reputable 'icon' with tokens and nfts, removing the disparity between them with the bespoke use of technologies like distributed ledger and...