Chris Chris 10.01.2022

The Goal is to Build an Ecosystem of Sports Teams & Brands in the Metaverse

Jeroen (Jero#6160 in Discord)

Role in project: concept developer & creative lead

Background: Has been developing simulation games for higher education in the Netherlands for over 15 years. Simulations for among others; hostage negotiation; health and safety in the construction sector; stakeholder management and psychology). Furthermore, he is co-founder of the Dutch online education platform called Skillsdojo that teaches children digital skills such as programming, creating virtual reality content, and working with artificial intelligence. The platform was acquired last year.

Chris: You are providing a chance to own the billion-dollar sports franchise on the Metaverse. How does it all come together?

Jeroen: So, first, collect 3 Element NFTs: a Team Name, a Founder City (the Origins of the Team) and Team Colors. Then, you combine the 3 Element NFTs (in our Franchise configurator dApp) to mint your -one of a kind- Franchise NFT. The Element NFTs are burned in the process. Once your Franchise has been created, you obtain the exclusive rights to enter the Metaverse Sport League: An Online (simulated) Competition between the Franchises.

A professional designer will handcraft your brand of which you will be given all the commercial rights. Imagine owning the rights to the Dallas Cowboys, the LA Lakers or Manchester United…

Each year, we will run two seasons between the Franchises in the competition. During each season, teams within a league will compete in daily matches. Matches can be spectated through our app or a streaming platform.

Chris: Interesting, so how does it allow value in the physical and the digital world? How does the NFT owner benefit in both cases?

Jeroen: In the digital world you can compete in the competition with your franchise. If your team performs well, you can win prizes (NFT collectables & merch of your own team). Of course, when you win, the value of your franchise will increase.

In the real world you can flex the team and brand you own with high quality merch and you will also receive royalties on merch sales of your team through the game and our shop.

Chris: Investors need to do minting as well as burning before getting rewarded. How do I mint the Metaverse Super League NFT?

Jeroen: Yes, the real value is in owning a franchise, but owning one or more elements can also be profitable. Of course some cities, names and colors will be sought after. So if you own one of these it could create good value for you.

You can mint the Element NFTs through our website. Just connect your wallet, select the amount of the type you want to mint and confirm the transaction in your non-custodial crypto wallet.

Chris: Furthermore, what will be the minting cost? How much is Gas?

Jeroen: The price is (at time of writing) not yet announced. We expect to announce both the whitelist and the public price around January 13. You should check our Discord and Twitter for the latest updates. We realize that you need 3 elements + gas, so the price will be very attractive. But we also think that creating a franchise brings lots  of value: brand ownership, custom designs, possibility to compete in the game, and so on.

Chris: Besides, do you also have a whitelist or a presale? What are the important dates?

Jeroen: There is a whitelist (still some spots available!) and whitelist members will have the option to mint at a discounted price in a time-window of about 24 hours.  This way we can avoid gas wars.

Pre-sale date is January 26th. Public sale is the 28th of January.

Chris: How many elements will be available for minting? How are the elements and rarities distributed within Metaverse Super League NFT?

Jeroen: There will be 3000 Elements available. 200 names in 5 strengths, 200 city names  in 5 strengths and 1000 unique color combinations in various rarities.

This makes a maximum of 1000 franchises that can be created. However you can also merge elements with an existing franchise, or merge two franchises together. This way your team will increase in strength, but the amount of teams in the league will decrease.

Each Element NFT contains a portion of the DNA for the Franchise. The DNA determines the strength (present in Elements Team Name and Founder City) and visual appearance (present in Element Team Colors) of your Franchise.

In addition, there are 24 exclusive 1-of-1 color Elements available. These include a full Holographic, Solid Gold, Pure Silver, All Black, All White and specials as Rainbow and Glitter color schemes.

Chris: Consequently, how will you decide on the burning of the franchise? Will the DAO be allowed to participate in the determination of the final 1000 franchises?

Jeroen: The owner of the elements can determine which franchise is created. If you own 3 elements of each type you have a wide range of possible combinations, but you can only create 3 franchises. So basically, you as an owner are the designer.

The DOA will be involved in the further development of the game (which prizes, game functionality, etc.). Each franchise will give you 1 token. You can keep these tokens, even if you merge all your franchises together.

Chris: Finally, you talk about new seasons after merchandising the Metaverse Super League NFT. What’s cooking?

Jeroen: Yes. This first league will be only the start. We have planned soccer/football, and basketball planned from late this/early next year. And from there we will add more sports, 2nd leagues (so you can be promoted) and new functionality in the game… The goal is to build an ecosystem of sports teams & brands in the Metaverse. In the future we imagine you can spectate the games in the Metaverse!