Metaverse Super League

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January 22, 2022 – January 29, 2022





Imagine owning the rights to the Dallas Cowboys, the LA Lakers or Manchester United…

The Metaverse Super League is a sports game built on top of a deflationary collection of 3000 unique NFTs. You will be able to create and compete for prizes with your own custom sports team in the metaverse.

A professional designer will handcraft your brand of which you wil be given all the commercial rights. Build your billion-dollar franchise and receive royalties on merch sales through the game and platform.

To join the game you collect 3 Element NFTs and combine them to create your own custom sports Franchise. Each Franchise obtains the exclusive rights to enter the simulated competition and compete for increased value, prizes and glory.

Daily games are simulated in the MetaLeague dApp. The games are run by the league algorithm, with the winner determined by a series of factors including strength, morale, strategy and as you’d expect in any sporting match, a dash of luck!

With a possible number of 1000 unique and custom-designed Franchise NFTs, the result is a simulated football league with hungry competitors ready to take you on in the hunt for decentralized sporting and brand domination.

Once the season has played out, the top teams will go on to compete in the playoffs for the MetaBowl. The MetaBowl winner will receive the hallowed MSL NFT trophy, which unlocks an incredible range of outrageous prizes.

There will be a limited football league drop (with a maximum of 1000 teams) in January, but when they release more sports leagues later this year this project will explode! Get in early now!

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