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OpenSea is a decentralized application (DApp) and one of the earliest Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) marketplaces. It acts as a trading platform for crypto collectibles. OpenSea is seen as a blockchain-based version of Amazon and eBay that serves the digital content community. As an earlier entrant to the market, OpenSea enables creators to earn royalties depending on the value of the NFTs. Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah. F launched this platform in 2017. They had in mind a platform that would provide greater recognition to the digital artworks owned by artists and creators. Creators can sell their NFTs through auctions or at a fixed price as per their preference.

During its inception, OpenSea was launched on a testnet, Rinkeby, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Rinkeby, a Proof-of-Authority (PoA) testnet, is powered by ETH; hence creators must have a crypto wallet that accepts Ether to earn on the OpenSea platform. Some of the recommended wallets include MetaMask, Coinbase, and MyEtherWallet, among others. OpenSea relies on ERC-1155 and ERC-721 to ensure all digital assets are genuine and belongs to their various owners. Verified stores have a blue checkmark which confirms they are vetted and approved to trade. Besides, all NFT transactions done in this platform are recorded on a blockchain ledger. If you want to verify or flag any account, you can quickly interrogate their transactions. By leveraging blockchain technology, OpenSea has become a transparent, secure, and immutable trading platform.

Some of this platform's unique features are the use of governance tokens and how NFTs are minted. OpenSea has a governance token that gives owners the power to influence decisions and changes to any project they buy. Unlike other NFTs marketplaces, this platform only mints an NFT when it gets purchased. An asset only becomes part of the blockchain network only when it is sold.

Anyone who owns any digital artwork can join the OpenSea platform. You only need to create an account, and you will be able to showcase your artwork afterward. You must own a crypto wallet that is compatible with ETH. Creators can list their artworks on other marketplaces since OpenSea allows other companies to pull data from their database and participate in sales. They earn a small percentage of each sale.

The OpenSea website is user-friendly and offers a simple platform with a wide range of digital creations. Some of the NFTs you can access in this platform include:

  • Digital Art – This hosts 70+ artists with over 16k digital portraits.
  • Virtual Worlds - Users can trade their digital assets by showcasing their NFTs and trading virtual land and space to house their own NFTs. Some of the popular trades include Decentraland and the Somnium Space virtual reality.
  • Collectables – You will come across titles such as CryptoKitties, JOYWORLD JOYs, Unisocks, and Axie Infinity.
  • Sports – You will find limited edition cards, successful sporting NFTs such as F1, Golf, Racing, and Sorare tokens in this category.
  • Domain Names – This category allows users to buy domain names.
    Trading Cards – It houses digital trading cards and can be sold through an auction or listed at fixed prices.
  • Utility – This section hosts blockchain assets that enable developers to list unlockable features at a future date in efforts to fund their ideas. The project value is likely to increase due to supply and demand, and the investors end up earning huge profits.

OpenSea is one of the earliest and largest NFT marketplaces since 2017. It has recorded high sales and offers innovative features which make its website friendly. You can open an account in OpenSea today and explore the different available NFTs.

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Dobutsu - Alpha Club

Jun 16, 2024 – Jun 23, 2024

Mint your Dobutsu persona to enter the Jungle and receive by holding:

Access to MarketWizard94's elite Dobutsu Trading Bot and TradingView Indicator(It has predicted events like the current $Btc...


Jun 18, 2024 – Jun 25, 2024

Wanna rule the rug? Navigate the high seas of the dark web? Or just get disgustingly rich by outplaying everyone else? Then, my degen frens, you need a CryptoScamel!


Crap Memes - OpenSea Featured Drop

Jun 19, 2024 – Jul 19, 2024

Crap Memes is a generative art collection, celebrating and gently poking fun at meme coins and PFPs. With...

Basezillas By Y3000

Jun 21, 2024 – Jun 28, 2024

Basezillas by y3000 is an official participant in:

Onchain summer 2024 and buildathon by devfolio

This event will launch the genesis collection to the y3000 and web3 community. Unleashing 8,888...

Crypto Coins by Coin Master

Jun 26, 2024 – Jul 03, 2024

In a world where treasures are timeless, few collections rival the universal allure of numismatic gems - coins.


Metamusex - Men

Jun 27, 2024 – Jul 04, 2024

Mint Metamusex - Men the new collection of Metamusex project. Introducing the MetamuseX Family project, an innovative NFT venture where multiple collections interact seamlessly. Originally centered around a female character,...

Web3 Hustle

Jun 28, 2024 – Jul 05, 2024

Web3 Hustle introduces a new dimension to NFT utility. Beyond traditional community aspects, our 3D models offer tangible value. With compatibility across AR and 3D software, they transcend digital limitations.


Cross Kitties

Jun 29, 2024 – Jul 06, 2024

Cross Kitties NFTs are more than just a collectible, they allow buyers access to several benefits including the Cross Kitties airdrop, the Cross Kitties multi-chain whitelist, the lootbox competition, and...


Jun 30, 2024 – Jul 07, 2024

The Ladyfinger collection, dedicated to the hidden(or not-so-hidden) meanings of our gestures, is finally available for purchase.

The launch of the collection includes 15 NFTs available in various quantities, but...

Xylocats Eclipse

Jul 01, 2024 – Jul 08, 2024

The Xylocats are an ancient race of mystical space cats that blend technology and magic to traverse the stars. Their home world was created by the Ancestors and even the...

Luviano Journeys World

Jul 01, 2024 – Jul 08, 2024

Luviano Journeys is a Fantasy World written by Doxxed Danish Author Anders Freemann/Frimann who also runs a Binance...


Jul 01, 2024 – Jul 08, 2024

Hey there, crypto swimmers! It’s your pal Ollie the Otter, ready to navigate you through the Otterly exciting waters of our crypto project! Let's dive right into the current that’s...

Crypto Robots City

Jul 30, 2024 – Aug 06, 2024

Crypto Robot is a Polygon-Chain NFTs/Tokens project, with a total collection of 1565 NFTS minting in our own Website and with a total supply of 100 million RoboCity(CRC) tokens.


Droid Chicks

Aug 10, 2024 – Aug 17, 2024

Exciting news! The Droid Chicks 5,555 collection is dropping soon on OpenSea! This unique digital art project features 5,555 handcrafted, one-of-a-kind Droid Chicks, each blending futuristic style with cutting-edge technology....

The Secret List NFT

Sep 01, 2024 – Sep 08, 2024

The Secret List NFT collection consists of 10,000 unique NFTs built on Eth blockchain, each representing a 3D animated membership card with a unique numeration. These NFTs provide access...

Galaxy of love

Sep 01, 2024 – Sep 08, 2024

NFT Sale Details:one the finest artwork has ever made my hands, now you can have it as a NFT!Name: "Galaxy of love"Total NFTs available: 30Price: 1500...


Sep 30, 2024 – Oct 07, 2024

Don’t miss out on the Chiroos NFT drop! Join the wait-list now and be the first to mint your unique piece of Zog's adventure in Q4 2024. Secure your spot...

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