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MotoGP™ Ignition

MotoGPTM ignition is a licensed MotoGP™ competitive management and collectibles game built on the Flow blockchain. The game hosts a collection of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem titles. Players are able to compete for REVV prizes by participating in various events and tournaments. It hosts these titles and provides racing management experiences through limited-edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It allows players to collect various MotoGP™ collectibles, i.e., gear, riders, coaches, bikes, and bike parts. All collectibles offered are NFTs, available in multiple rarities.

The NFTs sold during the sales are used in collection events and offer utility to the Racing Manager game. When it comes to the Racing Management game, players use NFTs in a multiplayer management game. In the process, they earn real value rewards, like the REVV tokens. REVV is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency utility token used to reward players. It is also vital for acquiring items and making purchases, for any individual who would like to earn from the game got to Play in the MotoGP™ Ignition.

The Competition allows players to compete on the track, while the collection element involves players collecting all champions, riders, and bikes the game offers. Since MotoGP Ignition is a blockchain game, it has a limited amount of digital assets. These factors place a specific value on each asset, and players can trade the items they acquire as they pleased. Any individual willing to accept Collectibles from MotoGPTM ignition sale is allowed to use fiat currency. Payments are via credit cards, or REVV, the utility token, and the in-game currency for branded motorsports blockchain games.

The Flow blockchain, which supports the MotoGPTM ignition, is uniquely positioned, enabling sizable brands to deliver amusing user engagement and experiences. The experiences include digital ownership or provable scarcity, adding access to a global, open ecosystem. The blockchain uses innovative technology allowing for scalability while maintaining decentralization. For an interested person to participate in the game, they must acquire card packs, and the packs can only be purchased using credit cards. There are cards of any grade in the packs, with the higher grades being rare and having lower drop rates. The cards are the core asset for the game’s collectibles experience.

The cards pack comes with the following unique set of features:

  • Name of the card pack
  • A brief description of the card pack’s contents.
  • The edition of the card packs depended on the number of times issued.
  • Series of each pack’s edition.
  • The theme of the card pack’s contents
  • Class of the card packs in the current sale.

The cards, on the other hand, have their features:

  • Name of the rider or bike on the card
  • The affiliated team of the rider or bike
  • The number of the rider
  • A brief description of the card
  • Racing season of the card
  • Grade in terms of rarity or scarcity levels of the card. i.e., Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary
  • Card theme
  • Card style, i.e., Podium style, Base style, Hole-Shot style, or Grid style.
  • The Print number of the card
  • Card type

The flow blockchain-based game provides yet another chance for gamers to enjoy and earn the REVV tokens. The platform was founded by Animoca Brands, offering the first contest in 2021.

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