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NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is a blockchain-based trading system that serves as an online marketplace. Users bid, purchase and sell NBA player’s digital highlights. The digital collectibles are like NBA trading cards, but an owner stores them in an online wallet. NBA Top Shot marketplace was founded in 2019 as a partnership of NBA with Canadian-based Dapper Labs. This platform enables sports collectors to sell NBA players’ digital highlights and benefit in the process. Consumers purchase the digital assets as Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each digital asset is tied to a digital ledger, effectively giving each NFT a unique and non-hackable authenticity.

If an individual is interested in the platform, the first step is to create an NBA Top Shot account on the official website. They Register for NBA Top Shot with Dapper by clicking sign up on the platform’s website. The Dapper account provides the user with a wallet that stores funds enabling them to purchase crypto collectibles. The user then deposits some cash to their account and waits for the next pack to drop to bid. The platform notifies the users when to drop the next pack via email notifications.

Here is a summary of an account creation follow up:

  • An individual signs in to the website via email or Google.
  • They provide their telephone number and verify it.
  • Dapper then provides them with a code that should be kept safe. When users lose their account’s access, they can use the code via their device to recover it. It controls access to the account.
  • The user can now sign in to the account and choose which team to support.
  • They will have a generated username which they can change at any time.
  • The user can now explore the packs offered at the market place where they can buy second-hand trading cards

The commonly used highlights are referred to as moments, a short video clip highlighting a specific moment in basketball history. The moments range in availability, and the rarest versions are worth more than the common ones. Users are allowed to purchase the moment’s packs in specific timeframes. The timeframes are of two types, the typical worth from $9 and the legendary worth up to $230 each. The selling occurs super-fast, within seconds, so the consumer must be quick to buy.

The NBA Top Shot is based on Flow Blockchain, a product of Dapper Labs. It is open to everyone who wants to access packs on a live forum for purchase on its official website. The site then automatically generates a queue of the consumers depending on how quickly an individual clicks the live link. The Queues fill quickly, so any user should be fast since the rule is first come, first served. Once the packs are sold out, users can buy and sell the moments on the peer-to-peer marketplace. Any user needs to note that the lower the serial number of each moment, the more value the moment has

After purchasing the moment, users have several options to make i.e.

  • Store their cards and watch the moments when they wish
  • Put the moments up for sale, or
  • Gift the moments to a friend.

Here is the catch:

Users cannot use the Top Shot’s footage for themselves without permission or modify the image.

NBA Top Shot gives basketball fans a chance to go through the game’s history and even discover more information they did not know existed.

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