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Mintable is a community-based NFT Marketplace that allows the creation, sale, and purchase of unique digital collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain. The creation and trading of NFTs take place within seconds in this marketplace. It is because it uses a powerful technology allowing users to mint any information as an ERC-721 token. The platform applies a high degree of intuitiveness, driving NFTs to mainstream adoption. Mintable was founded in 2018 by Zach Burks.

Users manage their digital assets while browsing all the other tokens in existence at Mintable marketplace. The platform has reduced friction; thus, all features are available without requiring a native Mintable currency. That is why Mintable does not have an ICO or token, and there are no plans underway to have one. Additionally, Mintable has adopted a Web3 application making it easy to trade and mint NFTs in seconds. Since its launching in 2018, Mintable utilizes Blocknative's mempool notifications to provide end-users with reliable and predictable blockchain transactions. Recently, Mintable has launched the v2 platform on its application.

The V2 helps mintable create a user-friendly way to create and trade NFTs. The new platform features NFT reviews, auctions, ratings, tracking, minting flexibility, and activity. Minting flexibility is a product enhancement that involves batch minting and host NFT art on decentralized storage. V2 took some years in the making to be an easy-to-use platform, which makes it acceptable by the community and partners. The marketplace uses Blocknative's API to manage transactions when users mint or trade ERC-721 tokens. The Blocknative monitors the transactions hence minting 2,000 tokens in a single transaction. Mintable users are greatly affected by the price of gas, so their transactions might take hours or days before they are confirmed on-chain.

When mintable use Blocknative, they reduce their infrastructure costs dramatically while improving the end-user experience. A single API monitors and manages transactions in real-time, helping users on Mintable to transact with confidence. Blocknative also enables the platform to update its status as the transaction moves along its process, making the experience smoother for a user. Transaction notifications are vital to the usability of Mintable. They ensure users are aware of what is happening at every stage. Blocknative is user-friendly and saves the Mintable team from operating at their node network. If making crypto-collectibles accessible to the masses is still a priority, Blocknative is a critical partner in that mission.

In the mintable platform, there are various features you cannot miss to explore:

  • Art
  • Collectibles
  • Game items
  • Music
  • Domains
  • Templates
  • Videos
  • Browse
  • Discover
  • Mint an item
  • Log in/ create an account

Mintable is an open-source community-based marketplace. The platform does not have a native token, but it's planning to launch a mintable Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). It will be the first DAO to be governed by ERC-721 tokens. By using DAO alongside ERC-721, Mintable will be safe against volatility. Voting will focus on community participation.

The DAO will be a new model of governance for the community. The user will use the DAO NFT for transactions on Mintable. With its fast processing speed, the marketplace is very efficient in the transaction of digital assets. An individual can get access to it since it is open source.

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