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KnownOrigin is an art platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to discover, sell, or buy rare digital collections. It houses different types of digital artwork and collectibles, which are rare and authentic. KnownOrigin is among the first platforms to embrace blockchain technology and the power of the decentralized web. It offers a secure and transparent cryptoart community based on smart contracts and Non-Fungible Tokens (ERC-721). This platform is the brainchild of David Moore, Andy Gary, and James Morgan. It was officially launched in early 2018 after a series of prototypes and hours of coding.

Here is the catch:

KnownOrigin empowers artists to showcase and sell their tokenized artwork through auctions. Buyers can buy digital artwork or collect NFTs through bids for their desired pieces. The system automatically picks the highest bid in the auction, just like other bidding forums. Buyers who don’t win the bid receive their staked ETH back immediately. KnownOrigin comes with an option to favorite the artwork you are interested in if you don’t have enough ETH when viewing.

KnownOrigin does not come with a separate blockchain; instead, it runs on the Ethereum Blockchain and leverages the power of ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens to create an excellent marketplace for digital artworks. This platform embeds digital artworks on the blockchain network to provide an immutable, trustworthy and authentic ownership of NFTs. Each artwork is turned into a unique collectible with an accessible ownership record to all buyers. Combining smart contracts and Ethereum blockchain provides a secure and reliable way of providing provenance of each digital artwork in KnownOrigin. It also helps the platform maintain a chain of custody for all digital artworks sold in this marketplace.


The big question might be on how to join this platform as an artist and sell your digital artworks. KnownOrigin is open to contributors and Artists to create their accounts and showcase their rare collections. However, all interested artists must create a profile page with the platform before making any sales. The whole process is as simple as creating social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Once they have their KnownOrigin account, they will need to have an active crypto wallet such as TrustWallet or MetaMask.io.

Once done with the above steps, artists can submit their profiles on the Artist Application link. Their profiles are reviewed, and once approved there are notified through their preferred contact info.

Let me highlight some of the sections you will come across in the KnownOrigin platform:

  • Latest Artwork – This section highlights the latest artwork to be uploaded to the site and the related info. If you are looking for new digital artworks which haven’t been owned by someone else, this is the section you should monitor.
  • Upcoming Sales – Any artwork which has been listed for auction is placed under this category. If you have enough ETH in your crypto wallet, you can stay in this section to make some outstanding bids.
  • Guest Artist Art Rapture
  • Collection 3D Art

The last two sections host the unique types of digital artworks, including Guest Artist and 3D artworks. You can click each section to have a look at the whole collection.

Generally, KnownOrigin is a user-friendly and secure marketplace for digital work which runs entirely on blockchain technology. It doesn’t have its separate blockchain or tokens but instead relies on the Ethereum blockchain for its operations.

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