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SuperRare is a social art network where artists, i.e., art creators and collectors, create and get artwork. The platform pairs with a unique token as the artwork, making it easy for users to create, sell, and collect digital art. The network has a smart contract platform that allows artists to release limited-edition digital artwork, and the work is trackable on the blockchain. The platform was founded in 2017 by John Crain, Johnathan Perkins and Charles Crain. The founders believed that collecting is a social action, so collectors and artists should easily interact as they conduct their shared passion. To motive this interaction activity, the platform users can:

  • See the top collectors and trending artists.
  • Know how much Ethereum they have spent or accumulated.
  • Know how many art pieces they've bought or created.
  • View the art itself as well as a description of its owners' history.

Any interested collector can vet the world's bestselling crypto artworks by tracking the creation type, artist name, or year of birth on OpenSea. The platform is Ethereum blockchain-based, laying the base for social collection, i.e., connecting artists, collectors, and crypto in the SuperRare ecosystem.

Since the world of collectibles has many mischiefs, especially fraud and forgery, SuperRare relies on the Ethereum blockchain for security and authenticity. It enables any user access to the history of specific artwork on a distributed ledger. Therefore, it is easy to validate a particular piece's authenticity since no one controls the register. Once an artist creates their work, they link it with a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), making it easy to track the art's movement with the token. When the NFT is on SuperRare, collectors can get by it, creators sell it, or even hold it for long-term investment purposes. Artists have the autonomy to either auction their creation through bidding or set a price on which to sell it. Once the creator sells the NFT the buyer can then sell it at any price on various NFT trading platforms. In the selling and buying process, digital art lovers connect and collect, social collecting.

Thanks to SuperRare smart contract, the original art creator can collect resale fees for their art. As the creator gets more fees, they accumulate as a smart contract code generating an automatic royalty for the creators. The art creators are therefore guaranteed to benefit from their creations even after they no longer possess them. After selling a new art piece, the original creator gets 85% of the commission and the gallery 15%. Any other sales after that, creators receive a 3% commission.

Any interested person can purchase and hold Ethereum tokens that the SuperRare NFT uses. However, only invited artists can create artwork on the platform. For an artist to join the network, they must apply by filling out an application. The requirement of the applications are:

  • For all of the artwork created for SuperRare to be original,
  • That the artwork is the work of the artist who sells is
  • That the artwork is digital
  • The art is not tokenized in any other platform.

The SuperRare platform is ideal for digital art creators and collectors. Any interested party should seek to be invited and enjoy the fun as they interact.

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