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Rarible is software that serves as an open marketplace granting digital creators and artists a platform to issue or sell crypto assets. The assets represent fully decentralized and communal ownership of the users' digital work. Rarible platform is an Ethereum based distributed network. It is a unique marketplace because it allows all users to conduct their trade in middlemen's absence. That factor enables it to offer a safe trading environment for its community as well as trust to sellers and buyers. Artists can freely showcase their artworks, and buyers can view and pick their favorite pieces from the Rariable platform.

Rarible uses non-fungible tokens, which are unique and un-interchangeable. The NFTs found in Rarible have several roles in the marketplace, including parcels of virtual land, memes, and digital artwork creation. The primary cryptocurrency used in the Rarible platform is the RARI token. The token takes the governance role, enabling users to vote on proposals that affect the platform's running. It also mediates users and assists in featured artwork. Since the RARI tokens are not for investment, users can only earn them through active participation on the platform. Out of the total supply, 75,000 tokens are issued weekly, with 50% reserved for buyers and the other 50% for sellers.

For any art creator who needs to turn their work into NFT, their first step is to visit the platform's website and fill a form. They will be required to give data relating to their work, like their products listing price, and then attach their image. They are then free to mint the RARI tokens using the platform's software. Users can transfer the NFT between wallets by utilizing the platform's software. The software utilizes the Ethereum blockchain, where it is based on an NFT code with all information about an individual's transaction history. Once any transaction is complete, buyers and sellers offer transaction fees to the Rarible network.

A notable feature of the NFTs is that they can program either royalties within an asset or future cash flows' rights. The royalties allow Rariable creators to set a specific percentage for future sales and automatically collect them through a token issuance. The NFTs can pay out royalties instantly. The United States-based platform came to existence in 2020, founded by Alexander Salnikov and co-founded by Alexei Falin. It has continued to offer to trade liquid intellectual properties for any digital content licensed via NFT tokens. Because the tokens used in the transactions use blockchain technology, copyrights and ownership information is recorded automatically and maintained securely.

To achieve a vision of owning a fluid, diverse and interoperable NFT market, Rarible uses DEFI applications. Their interoperability is instrumental in the platform's space's growth and utilizes financialization for the ecosystem's growth. For the development of the space, the platform has an open-source Rarible protocol.

Here is the catch:

Only a few people are eligible for the airdrop i.e.

  • Existing Rarible users
  • Documented NFT holders/buyers
  • Remaining NFT owners

How to get a RARI token

  • Create and sell artwork to earn tokens in the transactions
  • Collect NFTs
  • Get airdrop

Rarible is a commendable marketplace where art fans, creators, and buyers can interact and conduct their businesses. The platform is communally owned and entirely based on the Ethereum blockchain with its token.

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