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Nifty Gateway Marketplace is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to access the most sought-after fine art and collectibles, including popular crypto-game collectibles like CryptoKitties. The platform releases Limited-edition collections regularly and sells them fast. The platform was launched in 2020 by Gemini, a crypto exchange started by the Winklevoss brothers. Since Gemini is among the safest places to buy, sell, or store cryptocurrency, users are assured of security when keeping their nifty. They also buy the latest Nifty art using cryptocurrency.

The marketplace is exclusively reserved for artwork and music, which the Nifty team has selected. Famous artists, i.e., DJs and musicians, drop their work at the platform. The standard artwork is available in famous sports players' Visual arts, especially NBA basketball players and footballers. Classic NFT artists also have a place at Nifty Gateway, and they are among the early artists of the platform. They present their digital collage arts, selling them for good cash.

To get started with Nifty Gateway, the user must first create an account by opting for the official website's sign-up button. They then enter their details and create a username. After the account is set, they have to fund their account. They choose one of the two payment options, i.e., a credit/debit card, or use Ethereum in an ETH pre-paid balance. Once the account is loaded, they link it to their card or ETH to purchase Nifty in the platform. Alternatively, users find the nifty they would like to buy and place a bid on it. They will then be asked their card details. When the user has an account and nifty, they can use one of the following purchase methods depending on the type of the drop:

  • Online Silent Auction – Collectors, put a blind bid and wait to see if they are fortunate to win
  • Drawing is a type of lottery where the winner purchases the desired NFT for a value price. Some drawings attract thousands of users, but only one wins them. There are, however, very few recently.
  • Open Edition – Happens for a short duration, 5 to 15 minutes, with unlimited NFTs available on the selected piece.
  • Global Offer – A piece of artwork comes with an offer, and all NFT owners get notifications.

Some of the highlights you won't miss in the platform include:

  • Upcoming Drops
  • Discover option to showcase the available nifties
  • Stats in real-time of the progress of the sold nifties
  • Marketplace
  • Activity
  • Log in/ sign up option to set up an account
  • A search button to help solve any queries fast

The Nifty Gateway has a wallet that allows users to collect NFTs without ever acquiring cryptocurrency. Users transfer NFTs from MetaMask, put them up and sell them, and breed them without cryptocurrency. Though the platform is based on Ethereum, the wallet allows it not to use cryptocurrency. The platform is invite-only, so any user intends to become a Nifty creator and sell their artwork. They have to apply via the website, submit a questionnaire, and pass an interview.

The marketplace is suitable for artists, especially musicians, and many have invested in it. For users who prefer cryptocurrencies, they are assured of safety since Gemini governs it. Those who prefer other payment mediums also have their chance to do so.

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