Chris Chris 13.01.2022

The project Came from a Group of friends who love Play Drinking Games — Creator's Interview

We are talking to Daytona today — CEO of Jabroni Moon House; Professional Background: Finance in NYC.

Chris: What is the Jabroni Moon House? How did it come into being?

Daytona: Jabroni Moon House came together one weekend by a group of friends who love play drinking games. We were at a friend’s apartment in the city one weekend playing beer pong and realized we wanted to emulate the friendship we had but online with strangers who also love drinking games (we missed the feel of going to bars and playing against strangers). So the Moon House was born, theoretically speaking. We eventually want to host in-person beer pong tournaments for huge prize pools, bringing together people from all walks of life.

Chris: That’s interesting, so how do they look? Are they artwork collectibles? What does the NFT’s represent?

Daytona: Jabronis are 8,008 programmatically generated degenerate kangaroos living on the moon in a Moon House. The artwork is a digital collectible. Holding an NFT grants you access to the Moon House.

Chris: You provide commercial usage rights over video/media to the investor. How can he use the NFT in these channels?

Daytona: The holder will have commercial usage rights over video/media meaning they can use their unique Jabroni artwork when designing merchandise, in video games, in their YouTube channels, in short/long films they produce, etc.—they can use their Jabroni’s artwork in any capacity.

Chris: When will the tokens be available for minting? Furthermore, what will be the minting cost? How much is Gas?

Daytona: The Jabroni NFTs will launch on Sunday, January 16th at 8pm EST for a price of 0.12 ETH per NFT + gas. Gas is cheaper in the morning/late nights so we suggest minting when gas prices are lower.

Chris: Again, how do I get myself whitelisted? Are you also having any presale or airdrops?

Daytona: No whitelist. Presale has already filled up. We will airdrop 10 lucky holders a Jabroni NFT on launch day.

Chris: In your roadmap, you also talk about the Jabronitas and grandchildren? When and how are they going to be released? How many new NFT’s would be introduced?

Daytona: The Jabronitas will be released once we hit 50% of our roadmap and the mutant children at 100%. Holders of Jabroni Moon House will have exclusive perks when minting from the Jabronitas or mutant children collections. There will be 8,008 Jabronitas and an undecided amount of mutant children.

Chris: Finally, as the minting date draws near, investors are excited and want to know all about the different benefits that follow after entering the Jabroni Moon House. Which are the cool ones?

Daytona: The perks of being part of Jabroni Moon House: entry to our $50,000 MONTHLY virtual Beer Pong Tournament, Spotify playlists created for Jabroni Moon House by famous DJs, airdrops + merch, charity donations + partnerships, NFT breeding, and much more.You can join our social (Twitter and Discord ) so as not to miss new updates