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May 01, 2024 – May 08, 2024


Magic Eden



We are tired of quick-crash NFT projects, and our team wants to do it slowly and steadily so we can last years to come!

Everything will start with one huge airdrop. When we have 6,000 airdrop spots filled, we are sending everyone 1 Bers cNFT. 

After mint staking platform releases for NFT owners who can earn Berish tokens.

We want to reward our diamond hands so each NFT holder can buy a shirt with their NFT's serial number and QR code. We most likely will lose money on this, but we want to make it super affordable, and making a strong community is much more important to us. We will make it possible to buy our clothing using our own Berish token, or Solana. This won't be our only clothing drop! Our goal is to make Ber polos, sweaters, hoodies, etc.

But our main goal is to make a new blockchain. We are going to make a blockchain with absolutely no fees! 0 transaction fees, 0 minting fees, and 0 token swapping fees! Our goal is to be competing with Btc, Eth, and Sol by 2027. Use 100% green energy by 2030. And be much faster than our competitors because of our different blockchain systems, or not blockchain, our technology works more like tree roots or spiderweb. Also, a different system of supply is invented to reward the long-term holders. And the best part is that we want to move our tokens and NFTs from Solana to Bers. The token we make on Solana will be the main currency of our blockchain in the future. Also huge benefits for the NFT holders. Everything will be open-source, so people can make plug-ins like in the wallet messaging system and so on. We have a person already working on this, and we will hire more talented people after the airdrop.

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