Trippy Trumpz

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April 30, 2024 – May 07, 2024


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Trippy Trumpz Collection, is a groundbreaking NFT series where digital art meets unparalleled creativity, powered by the robust Solana blockchain. This exclusive collection features a series of intricately designed, animated NFTs that reimagine the world in vibrant, surreal hues, each piece a digital masterpiece that bridges the gap between reality and imagination.

But the Trippy Trumpz experience goes beyond mere visual appeal. Holders of these unique NFTs gain access to an ecosystem enriched by the $Trip token, a cryptocurrency that's as dynamic as the artwork it accompanies. $Trip token is not just a currency; it's a ticket to a myriad of benefits and experiences, including exclusive access to events, merchandise, and future drops. The utility of $Trip extends into governance, allowing the community to steer the project's direction, from collaborations to new collections.

As we embrace the future of digital ownership and community-driven projects, Trippy Trumpz stands out as a beacon of innovation. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a crypto native, or somewhere in between, the Trippy Trumpz Collection and $Trip token offer an entry point into a world where art, technology, and community converge in the most colorful way possible.

Join us on this trippy journey, and let's redefine the boundaries of digital art and cryptocurrency together.

The Ask Trippy Trump AI is more than just a tool it's your companion in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. It reflects our project's innovative spirit and our dedication to community support. Dive into discussions, ask away your queries, and let the AI enhance your Trippy Trumpz adventure.

Mint info
Whitelist open: 1st April 2024
Whitelist price: 50 Sol(at time $9830 whitelist pre-sale)
Whitelist supply: 10 Trippy Trumpz
Max 1 NFT per wallet
Public mint price: 10 Sol + network fee
Mint goes live on 26th Apr 2024 12:00 UTC

Collection details
Max size: 80 Trippy Trumpz
Whitelist: 10 Trippy Trumpz
Public sale: 70 Trippy Trumpz

Tags: #defi

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