Unifred Unifred 21.07.2023

Doodles to Launch IRL Play Experience in Collaboration With CAMP

Popular Web3 brand Doodles is taking its non-fungible IP to a wider audience via its latest initiative. This time, the focus is on kids and families. In partnership with the family-oriented shop-and-play company CAMP, Doodles are launching an immersive play experience.  

The IRL playground will be located at CAMP’s Chicago store, scheduled for opening on August 19th. The playground will take 3,500 square feet of space from CAMP’s total 7,500 square feet of premises. The stylized space will feature IRL renditions of the Doodles World such as  ‘Stoodio,’ Space Doodles crash site, 12-foot-tall daisies, and beyond. After passing through the Magic Door at CAMP, attendees will get to The Stoodio where they will get acquainted with Doodles’ main character’s (mis)adventures. The Flower Forest is a place for those people who want to unleash their creativity. All they need to do is to spend some time under 12-foot-tall daisies. Those who want to travel to cosmic depths will have a chance to do it with Space Doodles. Another area that can be explored by attendees is the Lost Caves. The immersive play experience will be open to attendees for an hour, allowing children and families to play games and unlock their inner creativity. Aside from these experiences, there’s a lot of other exciting stuff to explore. 

Doodles add more spice to the event by offering merch to its audience, including hoodies, t-shirts, backpacks, stationeries, and other apparel, all exclusively co-branded by the Doodles x CAMP partnership.

To enable its non-fungible community to benefit from the latest breakthrough into real-world experiences, Doodle stated that OG Doodles holders will be privileged to have a grand opening preview of the playground on August 17th and an “elevated ticketing experience.” Everyone interested in the experience is invited to pre-order the tickets, pegged at $28 per person.

The latest endeavor follows Doodles’ partnership with CAMP back in May. Commenting on the soon-to-commence playground experience, Doodles’ CEO Julian Holguin said:

“The incredible team at Camp helped us bring new meaning to the bridge between physical and digital. And through this experience, attendees will immerse themselves in the colorful world of Doodles. Get the whole family ready to meet our characters and to have some fun!”

By taking its non-fungible success to the hearts of children and families, Doodles shows its commitment to growing beyond just an NFT project. The brand’s ambitions to become a mainstream multimedia brand are being successfully realized and this event is an illustrative example of acting according to the strategy.