Unifred Unifred 21.07.2023

The Legendary Jackson Pollock Studio’s First NFT Collection Was Sold Out in Hours

The Jackson Pollock Studio has recently made headlines by partnering with digital art platform Iconic Moments. They teamed up to release iconic NFTs marked with Jackson Pollock’s name and quickly received wide reception from art enthusiasts and collectors within the non-fungible realm.

Dubbed ‘Beyond the Edge: The Jackson Pollock Studio Collection’, it features four NFTs of Jackson Pollock’s signature marks extending beyond the canvas edge onto his studio floor. The artist is known to have laid his canvases on the floor which was always unintentionally becoming a work of art itself. Coming in an edition of 125, priced at 0.79 ETH, each of the four pieces is accompanied by a physical print, hand-numbered and stamped by the Jackson Pollock Studio. 

During the creation process, high-resolution pictures were taken of the paint splashes on Pollock's studio floor, which had accumulated during the artist's lifetime. Then the separate bits of the splashes were stitched together into four pieces using AI technology.

According to Chris Cumming, the CEO of Iconic, the NFT collection generated more than $100,000 within hours on the first day of its release. 440 phygital pairs were sold out within a two-and-a-half hour window while the Convergence NFT was even minted out in 2 minutes. The majority of proceeds from the sale will be used to preserve and maintain the Pollock Studio, safeguarding this important piece of art history for future generations.

‘Beyond the Edge: The Jackson Pollock Studio Collection’ attracted much attention from the NFT community. For instance, a renowned collector Pranksy purchased all four NFTs

Commenting on the release, Helen A. Harrison, director of the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, said: 

"Typically, what is on the floor of most artist studios does not have a direct relationship to what is on the canvas. But the spillover on Pollock's floor is analogous to the gestures in his canvases. You can relate his process directly to the product."

Aside from the limited-edition prints and NFTs, the Jackson Pollock Studio is also set up to release Pollock Ordinals. Planned for August, the second drop will feature NFTs on Bitcoin Ordinals as well as artworks created by three digital artists. 

Jackson Pollock is a legend in the world of art whose iconic paintings are finally immortalized not only in his admirers’ hearts but also on the blockchain. ‘Beyond the Edge: The Jackson Pollock Studio Collection’ became historic, having sold out in a matter of hours. It was the artist’s first but not last NFT initiative. So, stay tuned for news!