Unifred Unifred 20.07.2023

Opepen Edition by Jack Butcher Goes Viral among NFT Community on Twitter

An unprecedented frenzy has recently captured the NFT realm, having stirred much noise. Aside from becoming a thing everyone from the community is talking about, this sensation has also proved that NFT culture is powerful, and uplifting fellow artists is a great gesture of support. 

All the buzz is around a custom Opepen Edition by multidisciplinary artist Jack Butcher created specifically for NFT influencer ThreadGuy. This piece has become the highlight of the Web3 news across the NFT community on Twitter over the past week. Let’s dive deeper into the details!

It all started with a prominent Butcher’s fan and avid Opepen NFTs collector using the Twitter pseudonym Bored Elon. On July 11th, Bored Elon offered another notable collector and influencer, Michael Jerome, a.k.a. ThreadGuy, one of the earliest minted Opepen art pieces, in exchange for ThreadGuy's Mutant Ape NFT. 

Recall that Butcher launched a free Opepen Edition in January 2023, inspired by Pepe the Frog. With all 16,000 NFTs minted quickly, Opepen marked a breakthrough in the world of open-edition PFPs.

With the MAYC NFT tied to his brand, ThreadGuy turned down Bored Elon's offer and several other similar offers that followed. Back-and-forth discussion around the Opepen IP began to occur within the NFT community as the idea of ThreadGuy changing his long-standing Twitter PFP into an Opepen ensued.

On July 13th, things got more interesting as Jack Butcher unveiled the Opepen Threadition, a customized edition of the Opepen NFT featuring the same colour scheme as ThreadGuy's MAYC token. Each piece was priced at $2, and the proceeds were channeled to ThreadGuy as a gesture of generosity.

Overwhelmed by such an act, ThreadGuy ultimately switched his Twitter profile picture to an Opepen collectible and hosted a Twitter space to commemorate the moment. 

Since then, things have become hot in the NFT space. The NFT community quickly caught up with this move and made it a trend, posting their interpretations of the Opepen Threadition with the slogan – For the Culture. Prominent players in the NFT space, such as Beeple also took up the trend as well as leading NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible replaced their Twitter PFPs with an Open-custom collectible to stamp their support for the movement.

Resulting from a cult-like following, the Opepen Edition attracted much interest from the NFT community which also resulted in a surge in its floor price to 0.85 ETH on July 17th according to NFT Price Floor's data. 

Jack Butcher’s act shows that plenty of good can come from being creative and being kind and caring towards fellow creators. His move has had a beneficial effect both for a single creator and for the entire NFT community, having made it begin to stir. All is great for the culture, and for the NFT culture especially.