Unifred Unifred 18.07.2023

Metaverse Art Week in Decentraland to Honour the Demise or the Longevity of the Metaverse

Decentraland has announced the official date for the fourth edition of its much-anticipated Metaverse Art Week. Scheduled for July 19th to 23rd, this year’s virtual event will be under the following slogan – The metaverse is dead. Long live the Metaverse.

Metaverse Art Week 2023 will be rich in exciting exhibitions, vibrant parties, panel talks, guided tours, and a wide array of other creative endeavors. Decentraland has also teamed up with Vueltta, an international art collective, to organize an exhibition of immersive art pieces of over 60 artists as well as to launch installations under the theme of this year’s event. 

The highlight of the five-day-long festivity will be MESH, an art fair created by Vueltta for 3D, metaverse, and VR creators. The art fair will feature over 30 captivating artworks from leading artists such as Hannes Hummel, Mattia Cuttini, Rebecca Rose, and Michelle Brown that will be exhibited in floating white cubes. The line-up of artists was carefully selected by an invited panel of galleries, curators, and art collectors. 

Other artworks making their appearances in the virtual event include some art installations by underground digital artists such as a group of artists called HERE & NOW, VERTEX at THE HIVE by creative collective Dollhouse, MYTHIC at DHINGIA Gallery curated by Vueltta and Mr. Dhingia, and DecentraPEPE Shrine by architect Rizk Ghazaly.

All those who attended last year’s Metaverse Art Week know firsthand that this happening is not to be missed. There will be parties, art exhibitions, and other experiences to any taste. One of the highlights is rave parties with ’70s New York vibes, and Blade Runner futuristic settings.’ Сheck out the full list of gatherings via this link

No matter if you come to celebrate the demise of the metaverse or its revival, take a festive mood and embrace art in its various forms during the Metaverse Art Week 2023.