Unifred Unifred 14.07.2023

OnChain Studios to Integrate Kid-Friendly AI Chatbot Into NFTs

OnChain Studios, the Web3 company behind the Cryptoys NFTs, is ameliorating the way of interaction between younger users and digital collectibles with its latest initiative. In a recent tweet, the company revealed that it is planning to integrate a kid-friendly AI chatbot into its network.

The bot, dubbed 'ChatGuardian,' will allow kids to interact with their NFT characters safely, securely, and with much more fun. The software has a chat filter that parents can customize to ensure their kids have a safe and appropriate chat with their NFT toys. Specifically, parents can log into Cryptoys' Guardian Control Center and restrict certain keywords and topics at their discretion. This brand-new integration is intended at letting children directly interact with their virtual frens while introducing younger generations to digital concepts. 

It is worth noting that the ChatGuardian project has been in development for the past two years. According to reports, the software will first be integrated into Cryptoys' Zoo-F-O, the genesis collection of digital toys featuring characters like Alfi the Corgi, Comet the Kitten, and Juno the Panda. While making ChatGuardian initially available to existing Zoo-F-O holders, the second release will include additional kid-safe verifications.

OnChain Studios touted ChatGuardian as a revolutionary tool for people of all ages to interact with OpenAI safely and securely.

Alfonso Martinez, Chief Experience Officer at Cryptoys, said in a statement that the company's prime concern is to preserve its safety standards and offer the technology to put parents' minds at rest.

"We have faith in the future of AI and its amazing abilities to bring to life some of our favorite characters and have our children play with them in a way they've never done before – but none of that matters if it's not on a platform that is as safe as possible. And that is what we are working towards achieving," Martinez said.

By integrating ChatGuardian, OnChain Studios is able to offer its younger users a whole new level of experience and engagement with their non-fungible toys. As the use of AI within the non-fungible realm continues to evolve, it will be interesting to observe how it changes collectors’ view and interaction with digital art.