Unifred Unifred 08.07.2023

Coca-Cola Serbia Partners With SolSea to Launch NFT Experience

Coca-Cola is expanding its footprint in the non-fungible realm with its newest collaboration. Through its Serbian subsidiary, the beverage-making company is partnering with the Solana-based NFT marketplace SolSea and the digital creators-focused platform ALL.ART protocol to create a unique digital experience. This NFT experience will be launched at the EXIT Festival from July 6th-9th.

Being a brand, geared toward innovations, Coca-Cola could not but come up with an original idea to engage the participants of the summer festival. Together with its collaborators, Coca-Cola created the Magic Mirror, a unique installation that blurs the boundaries between the physical and digital realms. Festival attendees need to stand in front of the Magic Mirror and see how it unlocks their 3D selves in real time and dresses them in randomly generated merchandise. The festival goer can save the picture by scanning a QR code that comes up.

Coca-Cola and its partners have split the collection into batches. They are harnessing the cutting-edge technologies of ALL.ART and SolSea to offer 100 exclusive hoodies with corresponding NFTs to VIP members with high-value festival tickets. There are also virtual wearables like short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts.

Commenting on the essence of the deal, ALL.ART stated in a blog post:

“This partnership isn’t just about creating an exciting festival experience. It’s also about making an impact. EXIT Festival, Coca-Cola Serbia, and SolSea believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to create experiences that inspire and delight.”

Although the services packed in the latest deal are accessible primarily to Serbia residents, Coca-Cola has a history of onboarding its global beverage-loving audience to the non-fungible realm. A year ago, the company debuted a non-alcoholic drink that came with a metaverse gaming utility. Last year, Coca-Cola joined forces with crypto exchange Crypto.com to offer its Pride Month NFTs at last year’s FIFA World Cup held in Qatar.

With the latest series, Coca-Cola skillfully blends the worlds of fashion, art, music, and entertainment. The new edition is proof to all festival lovers that they have a place in the Coca-Cola ecosystem.