Unifred Unifred 05.07.2023

Vodafone Germany Partners With Cardano to Debut an NFT Collection

Vodafone is finally taking steps in the non-fungible realm. The German subsidiary of the multinational telecommunication giant Vodafone has teamed up with Cardano to release an NFT collection.

A Vodafone Germany spokesperson noted via the company’s Slack community page that the upcoming project is still in its brainstorming stage as the collection currently has no utility.

“We are still in the process of determining which utility we will attach to our NFTs. In a large corporation like Vodafone, where many different departments are involved in these decisions, things don’t get finalized from one day to another. We want to do this right, for the community as well as for us,” the spokesperson wrote.

While there won’t be an exclusive whitelist for the collection, the company will reward the first 1,000 members on its newly formed Discord server. Note that a week ago, Vodafone Germany published on its official Twitter account a teaser post, urging users to join its Discord server.

Although the upcoming collection will be open solely to the telecom’s German customers, Vodafone Germany seeks to pave the way for global Vodafone users to join the non-fungible movement.

Patrick Tobler, the founder and CEO of the NFT infrastructure firm NMKR, revealed in a tweet that his company will be responsible for streamlining the minting process for the digital collection.

Cardano blockchain for Vodafone collection was also chosen with a purpose. By leveraging Cardano’s technology, Vodafone aims to engage the community, focus on sustainability, and explore cross-chain options. With this partnership, Vodafone Germany also seeks to introduce its 30.81 user base to the non-fungible realm. In the long run, Vodafone’s 353 million global customers may have access to a brand-new digital experience.

Vodafone’s foray into the realm demonstrates its effort to blur the boundaries between the worlds of telecommunications and NFTs as well as shows its commitment to bolstering the Cardano NFT community.