Unifred Unifred 30.06.2023

Lacoste Expands NFT Ecosystem With New Experience & Reward Model

Popular French luxury clothing brand Lacoste is moving further in the Web3 realm as it has announced a major expansion to its UNDW3 NFT project. The brand aims to elevate customer experiences via various activities and events backed up with NFT-related perks. 

Last June, Lacoste released UNDW3, a collection of 11,212 Genesis Pass NFTs that offered holders access to the brand's UNDW3 Web3 program and the associated Discord. They were invited to participate in co-creation activities as well as receive exclusive products and Lacoste PFPs. However, the recent updates are believed to advance engagement with the community even more and provide ‘a unique opportunity for brand builders and entrepreneurs to shape the future of the Lacoste brand while unlocking a whole new level of utility.’

According to Lacoste, as part of an expansion to this project, existing Genesis NFTs will be automatically converted to UNDW3 cards, which are dynamic NFTs that will act as a reflection of holders’ activity within the community. Their involvement will be tracked in ‘The Mission’ which is ‘a new experience revolving around conversation, gamification, quest-solving, and co-creation.’

In its latest announcement, the French luxury clothing brand stated that holders could connect their digital wallets to a dedicated, token-gated website and access a new level of experience, utilities, and rewards model through the cards. On the website, holders of the UNDW3 card can attend various programs where they can engage in discussions with Lacoste, the creative studio, and sports ambassadors to provide insights and feedback and co-create the brand's products. Additionally, members can participate in creative contests and video game quests.

The better a community member participates in this program, the more points he earns. The points are displayed on a leaderboard on the site. The higher they get on the leaderboard, the rarer and the more valuable their NFTs become. Exclusive prizes will be awarded to those who achieve the highest scores.

Commenting on the development, Benjamin Blamoutier, Lacoste's VP of global brand and customer experience, said: "The UNDW3 card allows us to reward other kinds of relationships with our audiences than transactional interactions. Blockchain allows us to link activity, creativity, and conversation with utility and reward. Something nearly impossible to do with Web2 infrastructure and tech."

A brand-new experience by Lacoste will be divided into Seasons and Chapters with Season 1, Chapter 1 launched on June 29th.

Meanwhile, Lacoste's latest development demonstrates the brand's efforts toward contributing to better engagement within its community while leveraging Web3 technology and NFTs. Its approach including gamification and rewards is likely to greatly pay off as this way stands out with strong interactivity and competitive effect that often resonate with people.