Unifred Unifred 23.06.2023

Decentraland Set to Launch The Third Edition of Metaverse Pride

Decentraland is proud to announce an exciting event full of festivities, amazing experiences, and positive vibes. In collaboration with community studios Polygonal Mind and Vegas City, Decentraland is set to unveil its annual virtual event dubbed the Metaverse Pride 2023, running from June 27th-29th in Art Plaza. 

This year’s setting is a lot inspired by Burning Man, being an oasis in the desert, embellished with waving palm trees and towering sandstone cliffs. The hallmark of the main venue of the festivity is a unique feature, namely ‘a dynamic environment that adapts and transforms in direct response to the presence and actions of its visitors.’

The 3-day event is aimed at educating society about the LGBTQIA+ community through entertaining experiences as well as giving visibility to those who belong to it through art, fashion, and culture. Metaverse Pride 2023 will be bustling with immersive experiences, captivating games, virtual art installations, live musical performances, fashion parades, and beyond. Decentraland promises to make its upcoming virtual festival bigger than its two previous annual Metaverse Prides. Check out the richness of Pride experiences here.  

“This immersive adventure will invite you to explore the vibrant landscapes of the metaverse, uncovering the rich history and significance of the LGBTQIA+ movement. Your journey will lead you through a series of tasks and puzzles, each designed to educate and inspire,” the team behind the project stated.

To take part in the event you just need to create an account in Decentraland, get yourself a digital avatar, and rainbow wearables. 

Join this revolutionary movement and make history in Decentraland!