Unifred Unifred 21.06.2023

Car Maker Škoda Auto Embraces NFTs through Indian Subsidiary

Czech car-making company Škoda Auto has made its first entrance into the non-fungible realm. Through its Indian office, Škoda India, the company joined forces with the decentralized finance project Near Protocol to unveil a new platform that facilitates NFT trades.

Dubbed Škodaverse India, the new platform promises to pave the way to a decentralized future, allowing users to process NFT transactions with low gas fees, interoperability for multi-platform use, and high transaction throughput. The developer team streamlines the trading process for non-crypto users by enabling the use of fiat currencies, alongside cryptocurrencies, to perform trades.

The NFT platform is expected to open the floor with its native edition of digital collectibles dubbed Škoda NFTs. The launch date and price for the series are yet to be announced. Notwithstanding, the project shared benefits tied to owning a piece from the upcoming collection. These benefits include owning a digital piece showcasing Škoda’s artwork, the prospect of NFT value appreciation, and a possible future resale. Holders will also enjoy exclusive rewards and experiences linked to owning an NFT from the project.

The Škodaverse India developer team urged users to join and become part of its revolutionary movement into the NFT realm.

“We step into the Web3 space and invite you to join us by exploring, collecting, and owning unique digital art pieces,” the project stated.

While the Czech-headquartered automobile-making company is commendable, it lags behind its contemporaries around the globe. Other car-making manufacturers like Renault, Mercedes Benz, Bugatti, and others, have plunged deep into the realm through a series of NFT collections. 

Last month, for example, Renault unveiled the second edition of an NFT series dubbed Racing Shoe 5, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of its novel Renault 5 car.

By taking its traditional car-making success into the non-fungible realm, Škoda Auto showcases its efforts to onboard its customers to the ever-growing realm. Get ready to explore, collect, and own unique digital art pieces via a new NFT trading platform by Škoda!