Unifred Unifred 19.06.2023

Nike to Launch 'Airphoria' NFT Sneaker Hunt on Fortnite

Prominent footwear giant Nike has announced the upcoming release of a collection of sneaker NFTs within the popular online game Fortnite, developed by Epic Games. The "ultimate Sneakerhunt", dubbed "Airphoria", is set to begin on June 20th. 

The announcement was made on June 16th through Nike's official Twitter account, including an appealing video that prominently displayed the Fortnite and Nike's Air Max logos against a backdrop of ethereal floating clouds. Nike's .SWOOSH logo and the logo of Epic Games' Unreal Engine also appeared in the video.

Although there hasn't been much information revealed about the collaboration, some people have speculated that Nike may be building an NFT-related game, using Fortnite capabilities, namely its Fortnite Creative 2.0. This feature, released in March, allows users to create their own virtual island game maps using Fortnite assets. It is possible that Nike could use this feature to create a game including NFT sneakers.

Other speculators believe that Nike may simply be releasing a collection of NFT sneakers that can be used in Fortnite. This would allow players to show off their NFT sneakers in the game. Nonetheless, it is still too early to say what Nike has planned for its sneaker NFT collection in Fortnite. 

It is expected that the upcoming release of the Nike sneaker NFT collection will generate significant buzz among both gaming enthusiasts and sneaker collectors worldwide. The unique fusion of virtual sneakers and gaming experiences is certain to make the Airphoria collection highly sought after.

The release of the sneaker NFT collection is also indicative of the growing interest in web3 technology among mainstream industries. As businesses continue to explore the potential of blockchain and NFTs, it is likely that more innovative applications of this technology will emerge. The Airphoria collection is a prime example of this trend, bringing together the worlds of gaming, fashion, and technology in a revolutionary way.