Mercedes Benz Is Back on Web3 Track with New Trademark Applications

German luxury automaker Mercedes Benz is known for its keenness on innovative technologies. Being a trendsetter in car production, the company also strives to take the most out of web3. After a couple of successful NFT launches earlier this year, the iconic brand is about to dive deeper into the metaverse by filing web3 trademarks for its Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes, S-Class, G-Class, and Maybach brand names and automobile lines.

As always, the news was announced by the certified USPTO trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis via a Twitter post. According to the official, Mercedes Benz submitted the application on December 14th, and it is really substantial. Thus, the automaker's web3 intentions cover multiple goods and services, as follows:

  • NFTs and NFT-focused media
  • Crypto collectibles
  • Digital currency
  • Financial services
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Virtual car parts
  • Digital apparel, accessories, footwear, furniture, and home appliances

Another point reveals Mercedes Benz's plans to launch its digital retail store and marketplace to showcase and trade all virtual goods mentioned above.

As for the financial services, the carmaker is going to roll out its own digital currency or crypto token to drive the whole web3 ecosystem and benefit the brand's virtual community. Moreover, Mercedes will enable cryptocurrency transactions, crypto exchange, and liquidity staking services, covering digital currencies and assets.

Among other web3 initiatives, the brand aims to enter the metaverse spaces and extended reality sites by launching virtual goods that would unlock those environments.

While major car manufacturers and global racing events have shown great interest in web3 this year, filing for metaverse and NFT-related trademarks as well as launching branded digital collectibles, and other memorabilia, Mercedes Benz's new foray is no surprise. As the luxury brand has just filed for multiple web3 applications, we have only to stay tuned and doubt what virtual bounties the carmaker is going to deliver to its huge fandom.