Yuga Labs to Hire Web3 Gaming Guru Daniel Alegre as a CEO

The trendsetting NFT-focused web3 company Yuga Labs is strengthening its gamified metaverse branch with the history-making appointment to its backbone. According to the latest big announcement of December 19th delivered by Yuga Labs' tweet, Daniel Alegre, the current COO and president at one of the US largest entertainment and computer games companies, Activision Blizzard, is about to join Yuga Labs as a CEO.

The appointment will come into force sometime in 2023, seeing Alegre replace Nicole Muniz, the current CEO of Yuga Labs. Nevertheless, Muniz won't leave forever but will continue as a partner and strategic adviser to Yuga Labs.

The mastodons of the NFT realm, owner of both symbols of the non-fungible movement, CryptoPunks, and Bored Ape Yacht Club collections, Yuga Labs is probably seeking ways to dominate the web3 gaming. Since the metaverse gamified platform The Otherside made a real tsunami in March 2022, Yuga Labs had never stopped headhunting web3 gaming-savvy profs to reinforce their staff. 

“Nicole, Greg, and I have been on the hunt for someone with Daniel’s skill set for some time,” Yuga Labs Co-Founder Wylie Aronow said, adding, “The business, our ambitions, and the complexity of the work have grown beyond our wildest expectations. We are thrilled to have him join the team to help with our vision of a truly interoperable metaverse. Daniel has held one of the highest level roles at one of the largest gaming companies in the world.”

The narrative-driven metaverse was further complemented with 4,300 Otherdeeds metaverse land plots, allowing owners to the demo trip into The Otherside scapes. Now, all the NFT realm, including both BAYC and non-BAYC NFT enthusiasts, is waiting for the beta version launch of the game, scheduled for 2023.

Against the background of the upcoming release, the appointment of the new CEO seems to be a smart move. While Muniz has brilliantly coped with scaling the company to its current supermassive weight, the current web3 gaming focus demands specific knowledge and skills. As one of the most blockchain gaming-versed executives on the market, Alegre will take over the baton, driving Yuga Labs to the top.